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Top 3 Apps for Finding Qualified Leads in Your Traffic
Top 3 Apps for Finding Qualified Leads in Your Traffic

Here’s a wakeup call, it’s about to be 2016 and collecting piles of emails just isn’t going to work anymore. Did it ever really work in the first place? Of course it’s helpful to have a healthy list of emails but to make meaningful advances in your bottom line you need to know more about the person behind the email. On top of this, you need a system for nurturing and communicating with said leads. These three apps each harness the power to systemize your lead collection.

Come on this is the future, let’s start acting like it!

Top 3 Apps for Finding Qualified Leads in Your Traffic

1. Tend

Price: $50/Month

We’ve been using Tend for about a month and without a doubt it’s our favorite lead collection tool. Hell, this might be the best app we’ve used all year. First off, it’s one of the cheapest options available for what you’re getting. But don’t let the low price fool you, Tend has more components than we know what to do with. It’s magically able to take any person that enters information on your site and instantly give you a detailed breakdown of who they are. Tend shows you their social profiles, job position and company in a well organized dashboard.

But they take it one step further by incorporating an advanced search feature that allows you to ask specific questions about your leads such as “Who visited my about section last week”. It’s like having the world’s best community manager at your fingertips. On top of all this Tend also breaks down how each lead found your page and what their activity was like. This can open opportunities for you to engage with specific users showing interests through their browsing and social use. Tend allows you to be 100% aware of what works on your site and social properties making it worth it’s weight in gold.

2. Leadfeeder

Price: Starting at $59/Month

Leadfeeder is amazing at collaborating with your team and quantifying data. Think of it as how you’ve always wished Google Analytics really was. A tool that’s able to tell you which companies are showing interest in your site, as well as only showing you what’s important while leaving out the ‘casual visitors’. This app really stands out for including the option to collaborate within the dashboard with other members of your team. This can help streamline the flow of operations and keep everyone on the same page on who’s interacted with leads thus far.

This app stands out from others by being able to integrate with your pre-existing CRMs making it instantly integrated with your current pipeline setup. I also love that it offers filtering options so that you can narrow down your results to very specific leads. This would help if you’re paying specific attention to small niche areas of your site. The more niche you can get your leads the more you’ll be able to engage with them in a genuine and meaningful way.

3. Blitzen

Price: Starting at $49/Month

Blitzen is a very new app in the market but has made a large name for itself rather quickly. It’s the first lead gen app to focus on offering a wide range of capture forms for your visitors. This can help ensure that you capture more leads in general as you’re able to optimize the form itself.

They offer similar profiling options to the above mentioned apps but I like that it also has the option to ‘score’ your leads manually. The list automatically sorts itself based on the priorities you’ve set for each lead making it very clear which lead needs to be on your radar. The icing on the cake for Blitzen is that they have an integrated polling option that will ask custom questions of your leads in real time. Polling is the absolute best way to know what your leads are thinking as there is no guesswork involved! You can’t get more qualified information than from the source and Blitzen is one of the only apps to take advantage of that fact.

Get started today before it’s too late

Using any of the above tools is not only recommend, it’s essential. There are so many missed opportunities passing through your site on a daily basis. Apps like these are fairly new but you will begin to see them get popular in 2016 as their inherent value becomes more and more clear to the masses (thanks to blog posts like these). I believe that as these advanced lead gen apps become more widely used, consumers will begin to adapt and identify when they’re being catered to. As shown throughout history, consumer intelligence tends to grow along with technology not against it. But for now, this is an absolute goldmine for anyone with a website and service to sell.  The benefits of which are twofold as you’ll be able to not only directly identify any leads coming to your site but also know exactly what they want and when to give it to them.

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