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Tips to Enhance College Admissions Using Social Media
Tips to Enhance College Admissions Using Social Media

Technology is a necessity in all learning institutions. Although some colleges still use conventional learning methods, the adoption of technology can significantly transform the entire learning experience. Nevertheless, the use of social media as a technological aspect can benefit colleges in a myriad of ways. For those seeking to market their course, social media is the way to go.  

How can a college boost admissions using social media? Read on for great tips.

1. Design an attractive profile page

Appealing profile pages entice students from different parts of the world. As such, a college administrator should set up profile pages on social media platforms like Facebook and share positive things about the institution’s goals, objectives, and achievements. 

The college can as well use the page to share testimonials from students, and this draws others to register in the college. However, the message shouldn’t be too long; readers should take a few minutes going through the courses offered.

2. Share images of class sessions

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Images are great ways of sharing the experience of being part of the institution. Use social media to share pictures of students, class sessions, and graduations. Moreover, let the students comment on their experience and how it has helped in shaping their career. For example, Everglades University uses eye-catching photos of students, coupled with positive testimonies. The way the courses offered and the images are displayed can easily prompt a student to join the college.

3. Discuss why you’re different

Share your success and take the opportunity to discuss the unique courses offered by the college. Show others why they should enroll in the school. Use social media for marketing the institution, and this will help in filling the places in the available courses. Talk about how enrolling for the course will benefit a new student. 

Although there are hundreds of such pages online, make your’s different. How can you go about this? Discuss the courses offered and talk about the discounts offered by the institutions. If you extend student bursaries and scholarships, discuss this as well.

Moreover, talk about the extracurricular activities offered and how students benefit by participating in such events. What about the tutors? Highlight their expertise and willingness to help students all the time.

4. Participate in communities

A learning institution should be part of different communities or groups, and these include Facebook and LinkedIn. By so doing, it will be easier to establish networks with students as well as other learning institutions. Moreover, use the information generated from the conversations to tweak your services as per the user’s needs and expectations.

The bottom line

Nowadays, many use social media to connect with friends and loved ones. Leaning institutions can also take advantage of this potent tool to boost their course admissions. Gone are the days when students used to walk from one college to the other, seeking the most suitable learning institution. With an appealing page on social media, you can quickly market the college and boost the numbers of new entrants.

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