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Top 5 Social Media Strategies For Promoting Your Spray Tanning Business
Top 5 Social Media Strategies For Promoting Your Spray Tanning Business

According to Brandwatch, there are 3.499 billion social media users who are currently active and given that the linked to article was published back in June, that number has likely gone up significantly. Given the kind of access that social networking sites can offer to businesses, it would frankly be irresponsible on the part of business owners to not utilize it.

Marketing effectively on social media is obviously easier said than done. You can’t just put up random posts and expect customers to start flocking to your business.

It takes a lot more thought and finesse to do things right. For owners of spray tan business owners looking to leverage social media to their benefit, the following tips should prove very helpful.

1. Choose the platforms that fit your business best

Let’s start by choosing the social media sites that you will use to advertise your spray tan business. Now, you may be wondering why you have to choose when the most popular social media sites are free to use.

The response to that is simple and it’s because managing a social media account is hard work. In order to keep up with the latest trends and stay on top of everything happening, you must be very plugged in to the network contained within the site, said CC Matthews, chief editor at Bronzed Airbrush Tanning.

Larger companies can afford to employ numerous people to handle several social media accounts, but as a small business owner, you may only be able to ask one or two people to manage the accounts.

As for which sites you should use, Instagram is a no-brainer. The site is geared towards picture posts and those will likely make up the bulk of your content. The fact that the Instagram user base skews young – 90 percent of its users are under 35 years old – only works to make it a better fit for advertising a spray tan business.

Pinterest also makes sense because it’s a photo-friendly site with a young user base. Of course, you can’t afford to ignore Facebook and Twitter given how popular those sites are.

2. Showcase your work the right way

After picking out the social media sites that you will be using to promote your business, you can now focus on creating content for your accounts.

So, what kind of content should you offer to your subscribers/followers?

Seeing as how you’re trying to sell people on the idea of getting a spray tan and specifically getting one from your salon, you need to give them examples of the work you are capable of producing. Photos are absolutely essential here.

If your customers are cool with having some of their photos shared via your account, that would be great. You should also make it a point to share what kind of items you’re using. Brag about the fact that your business uses only the highest quality products because that is something to be proud of.

Try to post videos as well. A short breakdown of how the tanning process works at your salon is a good video idea. Make sure that your videos don’t run for too long so that viewers are more inclined to watch them in their entirety.

3. Discuss the benefits of spray tanning

If you know you are offering a good product and/or service, you don’t really have to talk in hyperboles about it. The product and/or service, as they say, will speak for itself. You can take the same approach to advertising on social media if you are the owner of a spray tanning business.

Talk about the fact that spray tanning is significantly safer than either natural sun tanning or spending time inside a tanning bed. Share studies showing that tanning with the help of either artificial or natural UV rays can cause skin cell damage. They may even contribute to your skin taking on a leathery texture.

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can also put people at risk for some serious diseases.

All of those are issues that people can avoid if they opt to get a spray tan. On top of that, the tan produced as a result of airbrushing can still turn out beautifully.

4. Use buzzwords to the benefit of your business

Admittedly, not everyone is fond of buzzwords. They can be annoying to read and hear all the time and they can make whoever’s using them sound uninformed about the topic being discussed if thrown around carelessly.

It’s hard to blame anyone for steering clear of buzzwords, but if you want your social media accounts to draw some attention, you need to use those terms. After all, when people search for businesses like yours online, they will likely use at least a few keywords to do so.

These are some of the best buzzwords that you can use when you create your posts on social media. The buzzwords “sunless,” “bronzed,” and “natural” in particular are really good. Try to weave those into as many of your posts as possible.

You should be able to get more than a few hits just from using those buzzwords.

5. Interact with your neighborhood

Last up, it’s a good idea to use your social media accounts to show how you are getting involved in your community. Since the main goal is to get people nearby inside your tanning salon, you have to focus on marketing to them first and foremost.

Interact with other local businesses and show your prospective customers that you are just as involved in the local community as they are. If you have the resources for it, form promotional partnerships with other local businesses in order to make people aware of what your business is offering.

Giveaways on social media can also work, although you should be careful about going overboard with those.

The point is that there are many ways for you to show people that your local business is all about providing good service to the members of the community. Highlight them using social media.

Establishing a good social media presence is going to be a challenge for any spray tan business. It can still be done though, and the tips listed above should help businesses get on the right track.             

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