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7 Essential Seasonal Social Media Tips For eCommerce
7 Essential Seasonal Social Media Tips For eCommerce

Timing is everything in retail. Old-school retail firms make the majority of their profits around major seasons like Christmas and Spring Break. The same is true for online retailers. By carefully timing your sales and promotions, you can boost your revenue tremendously.

Here are some social media tips you can use to make the most of the changing seasons:

1. Plan

It’s easy to remember the two biggest holidays of the year – Christmas and Thanksgiving. For online retailers, you can also keep a track of online-specials like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and  Super Sunday. But your products could justify a more niche approach. If you sell iPhone covers, for example, you may need to keep track of Apple’s special launch events. Staying on top of the trends is a huge part of your job as a social media professional.

2. Prepare Your Page

If you pull off the seasonal social strategy properly, your site could be inundated with more traffic than you expect. You need to take a look at the back-end to make sure it’s capable of taking on a sudden spike in traffic. Check your site with GTmetrix and make sure you have the bandwidth to sustain traffic. You really don’t want your site going down if millions of people want to buy your stuff at the same time

3. Create Relevant Content

Season-appropriate content is the key. Try linking your product to whatever holiday or season is upcoming. A few blog posts on Horror-themed gifts, for example, could help you sell your shoes around Halloween.

4. Do Something Charitable

A little bit of charity goes a long way even if you aren’t using it to help your business. But if you go out to volunteer over Christmas or have a charitable cause you support, the holidays are the best time to spread awareness about it on your social media platforms.

5. Take a lot of Pictures

Personal pictures and staff photos can add a bit of personality to your online shop. Social media is all about connecting with people and putting a human face to your business during the holidays is probably the best way to do this.

6. Holiday Visuals

Have a little fun and change the theme on your Facebook and Twitter pages to match the season. You can also get the web design team to spruce up your website and give it a holiday-theme.

7. Seasonal Contests

Special gifts and contests can boost engagement on your social media platforms. Run a poll on Twitter, make a special Kwanzaa-themed board on Pinterest, or start a pub quiz on Facebook. Anything that gets people hooked to your site for a free gift or a special mention is going to boost your page and get you more visitors.

Make the most of the holiday seasons to boost your e-commerce business. Social media is probably the best way to connect to your network of customers.

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