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Visme and Venngage: We Evaluate 2 Top Image Creation Tools
Visme and Venngage: We Evaluate 2 Top Image Creation Tools

Image is everything. It’s a fact that’s never been more obvious than now, as any Joe can compete for your blog’s eyeballs with a 10-minute Squarespace template. With the stratospheric rise in fresh content comes the inherent necessity for standout images to accompany it.  Stellar copy will never be read without a pretty picture to lure them in. And unless you’re holding a BA in graphic design and a pricey license for Photoshop you probably found yourself at a loss. But it’s 2016, and now anyone (yes, even you) can be a designer with these two stupidly simple image creation tools.

Visme vs. Venngage

Although there are a number of tools that can help visualize data via digital presentations, infographics and banner ads, not all tools are created equal. Some programs are beautiful looking but are over- simplistic. Others can present all the information a viewer could ever want, but it’s presented in a messy and unorganized fashion.

So we went ahead and tested a couple of big names in image creation tools, Visme and Venngage — either of which would be a great addition to any professional marketer’s toolkit.


Visme allows individuals and businesses to create infographics, presentations, and ad banners using a variety of included images and templates. Visme comes in a free or complete version. The latter grants you an unlimited number of projects and an unlimited amount of storage.

When starting the application, you’re given the option to create one of several different styles of outputs, including Presentation, Infographic, Banner, or Custom Image.

Visme choices

Visme Infographics

We started our evaluation by creating an infographic. After selecting one of Visme’s suggested templates, you’re brought to a user-friendly editing interface that allows you to customize the infographic. Particularly impressive is how easy it is to manipulate each part of the infographic in any way you’d like to.

Everything can be clicked, dragged-and-dropped into place. Any color, word, and shape can be changed to suit your needs. In addition to that, there are added images, charts, graphs, and more that can be incorporated into your infographic.

visme infographic customization

Visme Presentations

When creating a presentation, you are again presented varying, unique sample options accompanied by different fonts, colors and designs. The editing and creating stage for presentations is identical to the infographic option with the drag-and-drop interface, except there are slides instead of one singular page.

All slides can be animated with various actions. As with infographics, you are able to insert images, shapes, text and videos.

visme presentations

Creating Banner Ads with Visme

Creating banner ads is also an option within Visme. As with infographics and presentations, there is a decent selection of templates for each shape and size. Visme give you the option to use templates that are already pre-designed for websites, blogs or social media. These ads adhere to standard dimensions and can save you the time and hassle of having to custom design ad shapes and sizes on your own.


Venngage is a tool that does the same basic tasks as Visme — but with a slightly different approach. Usage options include a free, premium and a business version. The primary difference between the free and the paid versions is the quality, and quantity of available templates. The unpaid version has only a limited number of infographics, while both of the paid versions have unlimited.

When starting a project, you are prompted with to choose between the categories of Infographics, Reports, Posters, Promotions or Social. In contrast to Visme, the options are further organized into sub-categories. For example, under Infographics you have several additional choices, as seen in the image below:

Venngage options

Once you’ve chosen a template you’ll be directed to the editing page that, at first glance, has the same structure as Visme. However, unlike Visme, you are provided with many more tools to edit and perfect your image. You have the ability to edit templates, change the image size, template color or background — and add it to your favorites for easy use.

Within the side dashboard there is also the option to select and place icons, text, images, uploads, and maps. Icons, including everything from animals to shopping symbols, can easily be plotted on the page. Images from the web or your own personal desktop can be uploaded into the infographic as well. You can change the uploaded image’s opacity to use as a background, watermark or overlay, or add interactive aspects like YouTube videos.

How the Tools Compare

Possibly the largest difference between Visme and Venngage is that Venngage caters more to one-page images. It doesn’t offer the ability to make animated or video presentations, but the options to create infographics and images are more varied with Venngage than Visme.

If you are willing to spend a little more to get easily-customizable infographics and images, then look into Venngage. If you want a cheaper tool for making presentations that are more interactive or ready-made for certain platforms, then look to Visme. We recommend trying the free versions for both before making your final decision.

While everyone is going to have different needs, each presentation builder offers something different — but they are both user-friendly. Keep in mind that each tool serves the same purpose, to tell a story in an interesting and intuitive way.

Do you have a data visualization tool of choice that you’ve gotten great results with? Let us know in the comments below or reach out to us on Twitter.

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