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Unidragon Jigsaw Puzzle Blog
Unidragon Jigsaw Puzzle Blog

The choice of Unidragon, a jigsaw puzzle producer from Russia, can be quite useful. The jigsaw puzzle blog helps you navigate the products, novelties, and news of the brand. 

Unidragon has various jigsaw puzzle collections. They unite colorful figures of animals and birds. When assembled, they can be fixed to the wall to decorate it. 

All jigsaw puzzles of the brand are made from wood. They are also way too durable compared to puzzles made from cardboard. Wooden puzzles can be assembled again and again. You can even try to play with your family members who can put a puzzle together quicker. Set a timer and compete!

When assembling Unidragon puzzles, you do not need to worry about allergies or harmful colorants. All paints used are eco-friendly and 100% safe even for small children. Unidragon puzzles arrive packed in beautiful wooden boxes with an image instruction inside. Because of quality and packaging, any Unidragon puzzle makes a great gift.

The individual pieces of every set look absolutely charming. The great thing is that all items come in different sizes ranging from small to medium (that grow twice bigger), king size (three times bigger), and royal size (seven times bigger!). The number of components grows with the size of a puzzle; so, assembling gets more complicated and time-consuming.

The images of a fox, tiger, panda, and many other creatures are cartoon-cute and are developed specially for Unidragon by talented painters. 

If you are not a huge fan of animals but would like to decorate the walls of your room and learn geography at the same, the brand has another series with a collection of maps. The world map made from a mirror is a gem in the brand’s crown, but if you want to go into more detail, you can choose a particular country to assemble and study carefully.

In the blog, you can get acquainted with other products and images. There is a choice of rectangular wooden puzzles as well as other irregular shapes. No matter which one you choose ­ Unidragon will please you with high quality and surprise with images.

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