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3 Benefits To Using Social Media Alongside Digital Signage
3 Benefits To Using Social Media Alongside Digital Signage

If you’re looking to bolster your business, storefront, walk-in percentages, or marketing effectiveness in general, there are a couple things that most fortune 500 companies all agree on. The workspace has to be clean and tidy, workforce has to be efficient, effective, and helping, the product or operation has to be customer friendly, and you need to be reaching the right people with your marketing. If you aren’t connecting yourself with the people you’re trying to sell your product too, and if it’s a hassle for them to buy your product, you’ll be losing money. So, in connection to proper marketing, here are 3 tips as to how social media and digital signage combined will bolster your effectiveness as a company.

1-     The customers on social media can differ demographically than those who will walk into your store because of digital signage. If you’re trying to attract both demographics, it’s important to know how to reach them. Create an advertisement and have it placed where your target market will see it on social media, and then create and design your digital signage to be appealing and apparent for those who could be walking by your storefront and have interest in your product. Typically, the younger generation is more destination driven, and won’t go out as much unless they have a goal in mind. You’ll get fewer walk-ins from this demographic as you will from an older demographic.

2-     Another benefit is simplicity and convenience. Dependent on what you choose to display through your digital signage, they have customizable software that will allow you to show in real time whatever you deem most useful. This means that you can change hourly what you want your sign to say. If you have certain deals you want to make known, or items you wish to sell more of, your sign can be changed in almost no time to relay those messages and increase business in those fields. It can also be used for communication in the workplace, if you don’t place it in your storefront. It will portray reminders, events, and tasks to ensure that your workplace is running as smooth as possible.

3-     Both working together will show representation and add convenience for customers. If contact is made first through social media, digital signage will help the customer to recognize the store and ease the hassle of purchasing a product. Again, it comes back to customer satisfaction and simplicity. The more the name is out there and menu’s or products are presented, the easier and more comfortable the customer will feel buying your product and returning in the future.

These were only a couple ideas as to how social media and digital signage can work together to bolster the effectiveness and efficiency of your business. They offer both the hardware and software for such projects. 

Take advantage of the tips and tricks included in this article, and you will be sure to see differences in your business!

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