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5 Surefire Tricks To Help Your Business Generate More Leads
5 Surefire Tricks To Help Your Business Generate More Leads

A business can’t function without sales. Prospective buyers are often referred to as “leads” in the business world. Leads can be found in a variety of ways. Whether your business is struggling to make ends meet or it’s on the up and up, there are some tricks of the trade which can help generate more leads.

Utilize Social Media to Attract Leads in Need of Your Services and Expertise

Social media is a great low-cost tool that many businesses use well and others not so much. Although it does take time to learn the best ways to market your business on different platforms, the effort can be well worth it in the end. 

Platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook tend to be where a large number of customers can be found for most businesses. If your business is more specialized, other platforms might be more productive. For example, if you offer services that can be photographed (such as art or food), Instagram may prove to be helpful. For services that require specialized skills, creating content on platforms like Pinterest or DIY sites could be beneficial.

Don’t Underestimate the Benefits of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best ways businesses can generate their own leads and create relationships with other business-minded individuals. The following tips for making an excellent LinkedIn account will help you create the most attractive profile:

  • Be sure your profile picture is current and professional
  • Make as many connections as possible.
  • Share your needs for customers in a business-like manner.
  • Try and obtain recommendations from current clients.
  • Occasionally post blog articles to draw in readers.

Get Reviews and Referrals from Customers

Obtaining reviews or referrals from customers is often difficult for many businesses. However, streamlining and simplifying the process can prove extremely beneficial. Consider creating a simple feedback form that can be emailed to the customer and filled out anonymously online after they have received your services. Give them room on the form for comments, which could be used as a testimonial on your website.

Don’t forget to ask your customers if they know of any business or individual who might be interested in your services. Get their name and contact information, and ask if you can use their name when contacting them. Consider offering a referral bonus for current customers who refer new customers that result in a sale. 

Ask customers to rate you on Facebook or other review sites online. The more positive reviews your business has for others to see, the more likely new customers will choose to give you their business.

Network with Other Businesses

Networking with other businesses is a great way to create relationships and possibly develop leads. Although networking online is great, there are also benefits to networking with local businesses within your community. George Sink, the founder of Disabled Vets, suggests joining the local chamber of commerce or sponsoring a sports team as a way to start integrating your business into the local community.

Create a Blog and Write Regularly

Creating a regular blog should be something you are doing as part of your marketing plan. If not, you should strongly consider adding one. Customers are drawn to quality, compelling content. Offering this kind of resource to your current (and potential) customers can be an effective way of developing leads and generating interest in your business.

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