CliqueIt is a photo sharing application for Android phones
A Shout Out To Cliquet – Photo Sharing For Cliques
A Shout Out To Cliquet – Photo Sharing For Cliques

Wanted to make sure you saw one of our sponsors here at Social Media Explorer. This month, the individual page posts include an advertisement for CliqueIt, which is a photo sharing application for Android phones. It’s currently in Beta and I would imagine based on the popularity of the app, that other platforms may be coming soon.

The way it works, as I understand it, is that you create public or private cliques (think circles of friends) who you want to share photos with. Perhaps its your Ya-Yas, a group of co-workers, your drinking buddies, etc., and without having to use some third-party site to upload and host, you can share photos with them on the fly. The concept is interesting and I can see some applications for both work and play.

Check out CliqueIt and let us know what you think here in the comments. I’m sure the gang there is watching and would love the feedback. Is a personal photo sharing application that isn’t host-reliant and mobile based something you’d fine useful? The comments are yours.

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  • This sounds like a good way for brands to reach out to their customers.

  • Just another reason I am leaning towards purchasing an Android phone soon!


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