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Creating A Personal Finance App? Utilize Social Media To Increase Downloads
Creating A Personal Finance App? Utilize Social Media To Increase Downloads

The creation of an app for a company usually only targets their current customer base making the customer experience more convenient. The convenience can even attract new customers depending on how revolutionary the app might be compared to others in the industry. For those startups or companies looking to launch a noncustomer based personal finance app, your demographic is far wider. People of all ages need help with managing their finances and turn to an app to help them budget or make wiser spending decisions. Using social media is imperative when marketing your app as this helps maximize the reach of people that are aware of the app and its features. The following are ways to leverage social media in order to maximize downloads of your app.

Create A Buzz Before The App Launches

The marketing team for an app needs to create a buzz about the app using social media. Posting things like features of the app whether it can help a person budget to pay off student loans early or give you a realistic budget for purchasing a home gives viewers an idea of the capabilities the app has. Distributing press releases on related websites that announce the launch date of the app is important as you can post links to these on social media. Creating a buzz can lead to thousands of downloads on the original launch date but make sure there are no bugs if creating this large of a buzz. This can lead to people uninstalling the app never to use it again and the possibility of them reviewing it quite low.

Give Influencers Pre-Launch Access

Those in the financial community that have a following whether it is respected advisor or finance blogger can help expose the app to the right demographic. If you launch an app that will help pay off loans for college then targeting an influencer that has a following with millennials would be wise.

The influencer can even use a keyword suggestion tool to help craft the content of their post. People searching for the app by its category can make it easy to find if they do not remember the app’s name. Make sure that you have final approval on an influencer’s post without changing the main takeaways.

Promote Content You Have Published

Content that has been used for app store and search engine optimization needs to be promoted on social media. Enough shares via social media can have the content on the front page of a huge publication as one of the most popular articles on the website. This also gives people the chance to comment on the article as well as ask questions via social media. This engagement is important as promoting conversation about how an app can change a person’s financial health will help with downloads. Others interested might see the interaction then decide to check out the app as well.

Encourage Users To Share On Social Media With In-App Rewards

Having users promote the app for in-app rewards whether it is a gift card or discount from the apps business partners is essential. People who love the way an app helps them will tell their friends but it can help to give them a little nudge with a reward. Take the time to track how many downloads a share averages on social media to decide what types of rewards to give.

As you can see an app needs to be promoted on social media to reach its true potential. Do not underestimate these platforms as it can help your app go viral which can result in millions of downloads.

Another tool to note is this app ranker to see where your app ranks among the competition.

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