Real Estate Revolution: TikTok as a Realtor's Marketing Tool
Real Estate Revolution: TikTok as a Realtor’s Marketing Tool
Real Estate Revolution: TikTok as a Realtor’s Marketing Tool

Imagine holding an open house with 100,000 people in attendance. While traditional marketing of that scale is impossible, modern technology has created a space where reaching such an enormous audience is a reality. 

Real estate sales are based on the quality of the property, but even the most perfect home will never sell if the right buyer doesn’t see it. Dennis and Marshall Lynch, real estate analysts based in Rumson, New Jersey, specialize in buying and selling strategies. When it comes to sales, one of the most rapidly growing and increasingly important strategies is TikTok. 

How It Works

TikTok is an amazing resource for anyone who needs to reach a broad audience, which is exactly the goal of real estate agents. In addition to the wide exposure, it can be used for every stage of sales. 

An agent can use a video to give a quick view of a new property on the market, highlight an aspect of a particular community that might be appealing to buyers, like a popular restaurant or local business, and even give advice and information on the process of buying a home

This is also a completely free form of marketing, which means that even newer, less established agents can take advantage of TikTok. 

Who Can Use It

TikTok can be an effective tool for both sides of a sale. 


While it shouldn’t be an agent’s only marketing tool, TikTok should be an integral part of their strategy. It can work for any agent, new or experienced, unknown or high-profile, because it doesn’t require a built-in following. 

TikTok uses an algorithm based on characteristics like a person’s interests and location to customize a For You page for every user. Even an agent without a solid social media following could reach thousands of potential clients by posting a 15-second video. 

And Buyers!

Agents aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the TikTok real estate revolution. It can be equally advantageous for buyers. If someone is looking for a property out-of-state, for example, they can easily get a quick preview of properties without making potentially unnecessary in-person trips. Agents should not only capitalize on the benefits of using TikTok in their own marketing but also encourage their buyers to use it as a tool for finding their next home.

Why It Works

What is it about TikTok that makes it so effective, especially in comparison to options like print marketing or even other forms of social media? 

First, TikTok is a way to not only show specific properties, but also to develop a brand, build interest in an agent, and create a community of possible buyers and sellers. Modern-day audiences tend to be visually oriented with short attention spans, making TikTok an ideal way to get them interested in a new property. 

Finally, TikTok’s reach is impossible to overstate. According to the company, they have more than one billion monthly active users, with the majority spending more than an hour weekly on the app. It would be impractical and unrealistic to try to reach an audience of this size with traditional print marketing, local events, and mailers. 

Knowledge of newly developing marketing strategies like TikTok is just one reason why Dennis Lynch, with years of experience in the business, and his son Marshall Lynch, who brings a new perspective to the market, are such a valuable resource when trying to sell a property. They can guide you in the right direction and help you find the most efficient and effective way to get there.

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