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Digital Marketing For A Law Firm: Tips To Thrive
Digital Marketing For A Law Firm: Tips To Thrive

Digital marketing is the lifeblood of a number of law firms. Others spend money on commercials and radio advertisements to drive those leads. Most individuals go to search engines to find a law firm if involved in a car accident or looking to file for divorce. The area of law that is being practiced will dictate the budget that needs to be allocated. Personal injury law is a perfect example as settlements can be enormous which is why firms are willing to pay top dollar for leads/marketing. Below will delve into the various areas to manage when handling digital marketing for a law firm. 

PPC Can Be Costly

Personal injury attorneys can pay quite a bit per click depending on their location and competitiveness there. For example, Las Vegas fatal accident lawyers can be a competitive niche. Deaths due to accidents generate huge settlements for family members which results in a large amount of money for the firm and client. A slip-and-fall lawyer might have smaller settlements than lawyers focusing on areas like product liability or medical malpractice. 

Creating Useful Content For Potential Clients

The creation of useful content is so important as people start by looking into their cases online. They might be looking for potential penalties or various ways to defend a specific criminal charge. Content can come in a number of forms including video or text content. Generic content simply is not going to be as useful as the content that gives specific examples of cases handled in the past. A visitor might see similarities between their case and a case won in the past which leads them to call to schedule a consultation. 

Podcasting might not be the best usage of time for an attorney unless this is just a monthly podcast. The podcasts should be transcribed as this can make the topics discussed in the podcast easily searchable. 

Best SEO Practices In Terms Of The Firm Website 

The firm’s website needs to be indexed on search engines to be found. The best SEO practices along with a good backlink building campaign can have a law firm slowly climbing the rankings until they make it to the first page. Content marketing as discussed above can be the best way to generate relevant backlinks from publishers. Outreach will likely be a huge part of building backlinks as it helps promote the content with the hopes of a publisher sharing it. The right keywords need to be targeted which will require extensive keyword research to be completed. 

Promotion Of Content On Social Media 

Generating traffic to a firm’s website along with improving search engine rankings is so important. Targeting the right demographic is imperative when it comes to marketing. Social media has the advantage of being free to post along with easily-searchable hashtags. Expanding the reach that a piece of content receives can be so important. Revamping previously popular content with an updated flair or changes due to laws being tweaked is so important. Data should be used regardless of what is being created as it can help dictate future decisions. 

Digital marketing for law firms differs depending on the type of law being practiced. Keep the best SEO practices as a strategy even if it takes a long time. Manual link building is a perfect example of this as outreach via email for link building purposes can be time-consuming. Take all of this into consideration when marketing for a law firm. Get an edge on the other firms in the area if they are not putting consistent effort and budget into their digital marketing campaigns. 

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