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Five digital marketing things you need to know about
Five digital marketing things you need to know about

Running a business in the digital age is very different to how it was little more than twenty years ago before the advent of the internet. In those days sales and marketing was an easy gig. You had a budget, you had to spend it and you hoped that the exposure that you generated would translate into revenue. Things like return on investment and interactions were not measured at all. That has all changed in recent times as digital marketing has become an increasingly refined art. So, if you are not working the angles in the digital space you are missing a trick. Here are a few basic digital marketing angles that you should be focussing on.  

Social media is worth it

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest of the social media family are not just placing for staying up to date with your friends or for grasping flickering insights into the worlds of celebrities. They are those things, but they are also the way that the youth communicate with each other. It is how the new generation consumes its news and content. And if you are not in the place where they are living and conversing then you are not talking to them. Granted, it might not be your area of expertise, but that really is no worry. All you need to do is recognise the importance of social media and then look to see who has the reputation for offering the best social media services in town. Engage them and let them work their magic.

Influencer marketing

For the impressionable there is nothing quite as important as seeing a celebrity endorsing a product. And there are now a lot of people, not necessarily celebrities at all, who are paid to endorse products. It is very similar to how newspapers work except in the modern age it is hip young influencers with massive followings on social media who are able to charge brands for the right to talk to their followers. It pays good money for the influencers and it returns good results for the brands.


Being instantly discoverable online is very important. Obviously, this is not an issue if you simply expect people to know your website’s URL and have them type it into their browser. But in most instances people don’t access websites that way, they tend to type something into a search engine and then follow the links that appear. So, it is important that if a potential user types something related to your brand or product into a search engine that your website is amongst the first names to appear. Ideally you want it to be the top of the list because research shows that the first site retuned by Google gets more than double the number of clicks achieved by the second site on the list. So, optimizing your site for search is important is you want interested people to visit your site.

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