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How A Startup Can Begin Doing Digital Marketing In Order To Start Growing Their Number Of Clients
How A Startup Can Begin Doing Digital Marketing In Order To Start Growing Their Number Of Clients

Startups are going to have to do a large amount of digital marketing in order to compete with the more established companies in their business niche. The tough part about marketing online is that it is going to take consistent effort over a period of time to generate results. Organic growth is very important and this can be done in a variety of ways. The right digital marketing team could allow a startup to grow at healthy rates while doing positive things like branding work, build up a readership to the blog, or help rank first on search engines for a specific term. The following are ways a startup can begin doing digital marketing in order to increase their client-base.

Give Traffic Visiting The Startups Site That Will Impress Them

Visitors of a startup’s website whether they wondered what the startup is all about or accidentally clicked a link to the site need to be impressed when visiting the site. This not only helps make a startup look legitimate but it gives the site a better chance of the visitor not clicking off. A site that looks like it was built in the 1990’s is not going to instill confidence in a potential customer to purchase something off of site. Easy navigation is essential as well as search engines incorporate this into rankings so try to get a reliable server and keep complicated media off of the homepage. Page speed is also important in the rankings so optimizing the site for this is also imperative.

Create The Best Content Possible

Creating decent content is going to be important for both the company blog as well as offsite publications. This content could be created by a freelancer or by somebody in-house. For quality content on a volume scale it might be imperative to outsource some of this to avoid setting impossible deadlines for staff only to see content quality decrease. This content can be a resource, podcast, blog post, or long form piece of content as well as video related content. Sharable content can help reduce the work the marketing team has to do as a piece of content that goes viral can be just exactly what the company needs. Podcasts allow for companies to get very in-depth on topics that consumers otherwise would not be willing to sit down to read for a half an hour.

Use Social Media To Promote This Content

Social media is the perfect place to expand readership by sharing content the company has created. This can help engage followers as well as others interested in the company or industry. People search hashtags so the appropriate hashtagging can bring relevant eyes to the content. Try using each platform but the company might find that certain platforms deliver very little in terms of traffic, sales, or brand recognition. Scheduling out social media posts as well as engaging in other related conversations as the company can do different things. This helps build the brand in the eyes of others and with enough great engagement and content to share can help turn a company into a thought leader. Avoid certain topics especially in today’s world though as outrage culture has made differing opinions on certain subjects enough to boycott a company.

Outreach And Contribute To Industry Publications Or Podcasts

Outreaching to industry publications that will publish the articles can help keyword rankings. Far too many companies purchase links from websites instead of outreaching for an organic content placement. This can lead to penalties from Google which can result in dropping down the search engine or if this persists a complete deindexing of the website from the search engine. Many in the internet marketing game consider this the death penalty from Google as a company would have to completely restart in terms of link building. Far too many people search instead of typing in an entire URL which can still work on Google affiliated search browsers.

Make Sure To Track Everything With Data

Tracking everything to do with important areas of online marketing like that of email marketing is essential. Email blasts can get content and sales in front of millions of people per year. There are tools that allow to see open rates as well as which links were clicked in a specific email. This valuable information can help perfect pitches as well as blasts. Basing strategy on data is important as the data does not lie in digital marketing. Understanding what mistakes were made can allow for a far better ROI than with previous campaigns. A startup needs to continually improve as cash flow for digital marketing might not be too prevalent.

Digital marketing can change the trajectory of a startup if done efficiently in terms of cost. Take the tips above into consideration before beginning the next quarterly digital marketing strategy meeting.

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