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How to Boost Your MLM Business with Social Media Marketing
How to Boost Your MLM Business with Social Media Marketing

Thanks to social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram, people can share pictures, ideas, and opinions with friends and family across the globe. Social media is also the primary forum people use to boost their MLM businesses by both selling products and recruiting distributors.

Whether you are new to using social media for MLM, or you want to get better at it, these basic “dos” and “don’ts” will help you promote your MLM without alienating those you care about.

MLM Social Media Marketing Dos:

1. Make a business page

Create a business page separate from your personal account and invite everyone you know to follow it. Keep most of your MLM posts here; you can post a bit occasionally on your personal page with an invitation to learn more on the business page. Most MLM companies have a corporate Facebook page, like this one by Xyngular, but distributors can create their own pages to document their business and share information about products.

2. Update your profile picture

Update your personal profile picture and your business page regularly with a nice headshot, and avoid using a logo or product. People will be interested in you and your lifestyle, not in the business itself—at least not at first.

3. Send private messages

When people ask you questions about your business, the products, or your life in general on your wall or in a comment on your business page, send them a message—that way you can tailor your responses to the individual and encourage others to reach out if they have the same questions.

MLM Social Media Marketing Don’ts:

1. Fill your feed with sales pitches

People scroll social media to see and interact with people. If you spam their feeds with your product and recruitment pitches, you might get blocked. Instead, create social media marketing posts that add value: share inspiring quotes, tutorials about how to use your product, what you’re loving about life, and posts that will engage and interest people.

2. Share your company link on social media profiles

This is a bit controversial, as your ultimate goal is to make a sale and find recruits. But if you don’t give up all your information easily, people who are curious will have to reach out and ask—creating an opportunity for you to send a private message.

3. Post poor images

Blurry, busy, or poorly composed product photos don’t help you make a sale. This is especially important on Instagram. Do some quick research on how to take a good photo with your cell phone and only post quality shots.

Using social media for MLM marketing will help you gain exposure for your business and find potential recruits. Follow these basic “dos” and “don’ts” to get started and use this tool effectively.

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