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How to Utilise Social Media for Your Web Development Business
How to Utilise Social Media for Your Web Development Business

Getting your social media strategy write is harder than it seems and requires a lot of thought. It takes a lot of time to develop and then continuously implement, especially when there are other aspects of your business that need attention. What you need to realise is, your clients are spending a LOT of time on the internet. Because of this, we have seen a shift from brick-and-mortar selling to ecommerce. Social media can be a fantastic way of increasing your businesses brand awareness and reach new clients. If you feel like you need some help utilising social media if you are a web developers in London, read our top tips here.

Implement consistent page branding

You absolutely must make sure that all of the profile images on your social accounts are as crisp and clear as they can possibly be. Fuzzy, stretched photos that don’t fit the page properly will lead potential clients to assume that this reflects the quality of your work and they will definitely go to one of your competitors. This is why you should think of your social media page as a first impression and ensure you are using consistent branding assets across all social media channels.  

Craft profile descriptions carefully

Make sure you understand the importance of the profile section of your account. You need to swiftly and precisely write an enticing bio on all of your accounts that accurately tell visitors to your page what to do. Some social platforms have larger character limits, meaning that your account’s description may be longer or more detailed. But in general, your descriptions should be similar across the board.

Use social media listening tools

It is important to use social media in order to keep up with what all of your competition is doing. This way you can become more in tune with your clients. One great way of doing this is creating Twitter lists or following relevant hashtags. You can create lists of competitors, accounts you draw inspiration from, or your most valued clients to see what they’re up to and what they’re currently interested in.

Share work samples

Show what you can do by sharing as much work as you can online. If you have spent months and months on a project and are proud of how it turned out, let your followers know! Use hasthags to make sure that you are sharing your work to as many people as possible and spread your work as far as you can.

Drive traffic by sharing original content

A fantastic way to get traffic to your website is to share original content that you are able to put a lot of time in to related to your business and index it on your website. With a blog that lives on your website, each article you publish is a page that’s indexed and is an opportunity for you to rank in search engines like Google. Other examples of original content include podcasts and webinars, which you can easily embed into your blog posts.

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