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How You Can Pick The Best Influencers Possible For Your Clothing Brand
How You Can Pick The Best Influencers Possible For Your Clothing Brand

The digital marketing world was changed immensely by that of the rise of influencer marketing. Those that have large followings on their website or social media accounts can help a brand put their product into thousands of people’s minds that follow the influencer. Picking the right influencer to partner with a clothing brand can be tough as some influencers are already committed to certain brands. Other influencers will not offer the ROI that specific brands might desire so they are not a good fit. The best thing that a brand can do is to get to know the influencer through their previous articles or posts as this is the public’s perception of them. The following are tips to help pick the best influencers for a clothing brand.

They Have Built A Community

Influencers that have built a community through great posts and engagement with followers should be at the top of a clothing brand’s influencer list. An influencer that does not engage with their followers might not have the best relationship with them. There are influencers that have followers that trust them while others skip over the obviously sponsored posts or posts that have been written by a brand. Take a look at the accounts and make sure the influencer is replying to followers and has what seems to be a good rapport with most of them. Influencers that are not liked by followers tend to have a plethora of negative comments regardless of what they post.

They Actually Use Your Products/Services

A quality brand like that of Tradie Workwear can be easy to partner with an influencer if they use the product. There are just some brands that followers are not going to believe that an influencer would wear. A fitness guru might not want to wear Hello Kitty but would be more than willing to wear another brand that makes it easy to workout in their clothes. Giving good reviews on a specific type of clothing can be a huge positive for lesser known brands when it comes from an influencer.  Even an influencer with a large follower base wearing a specific brand can be picked up by followers if the brand wants to take a more passive approach.

Do A Thorough Social Media Check

The age of people going through every post that has ever been published in order to tarnish the name of an influencer is here. People tend to make posts that can be seen as offensive while they are younger. While people can recover from these mistakes the last thing you want to do is partner with someone that has made offensive posts towards a group of people or individual. The last thing that you want to do as a clothing brand is to pay an influencer only to find out that they have posted something not in line with the brand’s values.

The Influencer Only Partners With Reputable Brands

There are some influencers that seem to partner with every brand that approaches them. This can be the easiest way for an influencer to lose the trust of their followers. It does not take many purchases for people to realize the influencer just mentioned the brand for payment. Take a look at the reviews of the brands that they have previously partnered with to see if there are any that might be low quality and just paid a high amount. Plenty of influencer platforms that connect brands with influencers have data on how the ROI of certain campaigns helped the brand they partnered with. This is the closest a brand can get to guaranteed success of their next influencer marketing campaign.

A clothing brand can benefit in large ways from partnering with the right influencer long term. Take time and do test campaigns to see which influencer delivers the most bang for your buck!

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