InboundWriter Offers Copywriting For SEO Help
InboundWriter Offers Nifty Copywriting For SEO Help
InboundWriter Offers Nifty Copywriting For SEO Help

Copywriting for search engine optimization is one of those tricks of the trade that can result in an almost immediate impact on a company’s digital marketing bottom line. I remember when Flickr went down briefly in the fall of 2009. Rob May, CEO of the then-fledgling startup which later became the twice-funded Backupify, fired off a blog post on the company’s site focused on winning the search term “Flickr outage” (or similar). With a good headline and some other SEO-friendly tricks incorporated into the copy, the small company’s blog ranked No. 1 for the term within 48 hours.

Since that time, I’ve learned and experimented more with copywriting for search engine optimization (or SEO) and have had similar successes with certain phrases over the years for myself and for clients alike. When ScribeSEO appeared in 2010, I was a big fan of the product. Still am. It helps you look at the copy you’ve written and tell you what you might be able to tweak to better maximize the search exposure for your posts.

InboundWriter offers Copywriting for SEO helpA new copywriting for SEO tool is on the market now called InboundWriter. Originally a web-based copy optimizer, the tool today announced a WordPress plugin (very cool). The principle is the same as Scribe, but the execution and experience is a bit different. Like the copy optimizer in Compendium, an enterprise-level blogging platform, InboundWriter shows you real time feedback as to how your post is doing for the keywords you’re targeting. As I wrote this post, adding the phrase “copywriting for search engine optimization” in this very sentence immediately moved the needle on my SEO odometer in the WordPress plugin. Changing my original headline from “Inbound Writer Offers Nifty Help For SEO Copywriting” to “InboundWriter Offers Nifty Copywriting For SEO Help,” changed the results even more.

Getting instant feedback on how you’re writing with regards to search engines is incredibly helpful. While ScribeSEO offers the same type of information, you have to click a button to perform an analysis to get it. And each click of the button costs you a credit for the month. InboundWriter is a subscription-based model with unlimited use for the $19.95 monthly fee. So there’s no worry you’ll run out of credits.

Certainly, ScribeSEO has some research back-end, a SERP entry view so you can see what your entry will look like and more, InboundWriter offers a solid tool at a reasonable price. Jay Baer even worked with them to test the tool and experienced a 33% traffic increase on optimized posts.

We’re currently using both InboundWriter and ScribeSEO here at Social Media Explorer and at least I can report I like them both for different reasons. InboundWriter gives you instant feedback, though. And that’s pretty powerful.

If you haven’t spent time getting to know copywriting for SEO, check out InboundWriter. You can optimize up to eight documents per month for free. The unlimited plan is just $19.95 per month.

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