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Instaforce Review – Is a manual Instagram growth service the way to go in 2020?
Instaforce Review – Is a manual Instagram growth service the way to go in 2020?

So, you would like to know if Instaforce is a legit and trustworthy Instagram Growth service?

Instagram Growth services have become increasingly popular in the last few years, but at the same time, Instagram has increased it’s fight against inauthentic activity performed by many of these growth services as they are all pretty much working from automations, scripts and bots which is not allowed within the guidelines of Instagram. 

Instagram has made it almost impossible for most of these automation based growth services to still deliver satisfying results while also keeping their clients safe from blocks or getting their account suppressed, resulting in much lower engagement and a drop in follower growth.

First of all, it’s important to differentiate between the 3 different types of Instagram growth services out there.

  1. Instagram Bot or Automation Services (They used to be good, but don’t work anymore)
  2. Human Driven, Manual Instagram Services (The only viable solution in 2020)
  3. Sellers of Fake Followers & Likes (Stay away!)

How is Instaforce different from other Instagram growth services?

Instaforce is a new breed of Instagram Growth services and takes a more human approach to Instagram Growth compared to much of the competition. 

It’s one of the few growth services that are still able to deliver great results – the main reason being all of their actions, such as liking, following, unfollowing and story viewing is done within Instagram’s guidelines as all the actions are performed 100% manually by real humans, through actual smartphones.

No software, automation or bots are being used to work on your account. This keeps your account safe, avoids blocks and shadowbans while keeping your trust score very high.

5 Main benefits of working with Instaforce manual Instagram growth service:

Here are the 5 main ways that Instaforce separates itself from the other solutions

1. Consistent Results & Superior Targeting

Instaforce mentions that 90% of their clients are getting between 400-1500 new, targeted followers every month. Some clients get more, some get less – it really depends on the niche, the quality of their content and the consistency of their posting.

Instaforce promises to generate real, active followers that only follow you because they actually care about your content and brand and not because they were forced to do so. They also state that you aren’t going to get anywhere by purchasing fake followers as it only results in lower engagement and worse results in the long term.

The results are gained by Instaforce working from your account, every day manually interacting (liking photos + following) with hundreds of real users, verified to be in your target audience. The whole approach is very organic and results in real engagement on your account as well as new customers constantly being introduced to your brand. 

Because, when Instaforce likes a photo or follow someone on the behalf of the client, the user they interacted with will often become curious and go check out their clients account – and because these users are already following similar accounts that cater to the same interests, it means that there’s a high chance that that user will also care about the client and then engage back and follow them.

2. Account Safety & Instagram Guidelines 

A very important thing nowadays is the safety and security of your account. You’ve spent a lot of time and energy building your brand and your follower base and that is not something that should ever be put at risk.

Instaforce has been around since 2016 and has worked hands-on with more than 2000 clients. No client has ever lost their account, been blocked or banned – or have anything bad happen to them, ever. The website is also fully HTTPS encrypted meaning all your data is secure.

The reason for the great safety is that all the work that Instaforce does is within Instagram’s guidelines because all the actions they perform on your behalf are fully manually – you have an actual person, sitting on a phone, logged into your account, searching through Instagram to find the right people and then like a few of their photos and follow them, all by hand. This is then repeated several hours every single day to interact with hundreds of users per day and more than 10.000+ users per month. As you can probably tell, doing that consistently every day – and really focusing on targeting the right people, is definitely going to get you quality growth.

Instaforce doesn’t post anything on your feed, they don’t reply to your DM’s and they don’t leave any comments, as all of that can very easily damage your brand if it’s not done right. They leave those more important aspects up to you – and then they simply just focus on introducing a high volume of new people to your brand through the actions of “liking” and “following”.

3. Research & Ongoing Optimization

The most important factor when it comes to Instagram growth is the quality of the followers that you gain. That’s why Instaforce puts a lot of focus on the research, to find your target audience on Instagram at first before going to work based on the information you provide in the onboarding questionnaire about your target audience, goals & preferences.

More importantly, they constantly optimize the targeting to improve results. A metric they look at a lot is the “follow-back ratio”. Meaning, if they follow 100 users that follow @garyvee and fit the criteria, how many of them are going to follow back? 

They then compare that number to a lot of other different accounts that the target audience might be following, to see which audience resonates most with the client and that way they are constantly optimizing the results that the clients gets – meaning that the results are only going to improve over time – and not slow down, like seen with many other Instagram services.

The reason for doing this is because over a year ago, Instagram lowered the amount of likes, follows or unfollows you can do per hour and per day. So it’s crucial to get the most out of every single action, by targeting the people that seem to be most likely to convert.

4. Account Management & Reporting

To make it even better, as soon as you sign up, you’ll first complete a questionnaire to tell them more about your company, your target audience and which other accounts they might be following, or other hashtags they might be using, along with your preferences and your goals. 

After that, you’ll be linked up with your own personal account manager who will be in charge of your account while also being your contact point, keeping you updated on progress and any providing improvement ideas to your Instagram growth.

5. Affordable Pricing & Money Back Guarantee

The reason Instaforce is able to still deliver so good results while the whole industry is taking a hit and growth services are shutting down left and right, is because they are doing things differently, they are not just here to make a quick buck – they are here to do the right thing and to make their clients very happy while keeping their accounts safe.

Instaforce Pros and Cons


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 400-1500 real followers gained per month
  • Fully manual service – no bots or automations
  • Real, active and engaged followers.
  • Weekly reports
  • Personal account manager & support
  • No software to install – it’s “done-for-you”
  • No contract, pay as you go, cancel anytime


  • No free trial
  • A little bit more expensive than the automated services
  • Giving someone else control over your account

Final thoughts on Review

Instaforce is definitely not the typical automated growth software many companies were used to in the past. They are using real people to engage on their clients behalf. It’s all still very targeted and tracked and actually performs better than most softwares in the past.

Having a real person working on your account, that knows your business and what you are looking for really makes a big difference.

The weekly reports of all activities and conversions that they send every monday morning is also a big factor in why you can trust them with your account.

The nice thing with the real human interaction is that everything is in line with the terms of service and doesn’t cause any issues with Instagram and will give you growth like no other.

The pricing makes it the cheapest manual growth service at only $97/mo – which is very competitive considering you have an actual person working on your account for hours every single day. You can start your risk-free trial directly on the Instaforce checkout page which also makes it very easy to get started.

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