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Is Ecom Elites One of the Best Online Courses for Shopify?
Is Ecom Elites One of the Best Online Courses for Shopify?

Ecom Elites has been one of the most prominent courses for Shopify. In its run, it has been hailed as one of the best ones out there for online marketing and training. It might cost you a few dollars and a lot of your time, but many course takers say that it was worth all of it. It is a comprehensive online course that walks you through almost everything that you need to know about e-commerce. If you are a beginner in this field, you might be confused as to what this is and what it can do for you. 

First off, let us talk about what e-commerce is. You may have done some online shopping in your life. With the arrival of the internet in the scene, there came the birth of so many ideas that were once just impossibilities. According to this page, the interconnections and processes that made the internet to what it is today made it even easier for people to start their businesses. Some fields like marketing and advertisement also transitioned to the virtual world as well. 

E-Commerce Explained

E-commerce or electronic commerce is one of these fields. This is the establishment of an online store where you can sell your stuff. This has been used by sites like eBay to promote the sale of a used or collector’s items. Amazon was just a company that sold products and delivered them around the world. However, with e-commerce, you can now join this elaborate process wherein you can sell your products. Partnering with bigger companies is known as affiliate marketing. Here’s an explanation of this concept:

There have been a lot of success stories circulating online about this field. The story of Shopify is truly inspirational – top shopify dropshipping stores are grossing millions each year in revenue and with dropshipping tools, like SaleSource their success can be replicated. Many millionaires have been listed in magazines like Forbes. Surprisingly, these people didn’t go to work in Wall Street or even graduated from Ivy League universities. All they had was the internet and the knowledge that they have used to achieve that. If you are wondering about how they have done it, then don’t worry. They can teach it to you, for a price.

Luckily, after today, you really won’t be worrying about how you’re going to make it into the big league. With the help of the course we’re about to introduce you to, we know you’ll be able to find a way to come out on top. Introducing Ecom Elites, the modern day solution to your internet marketing. 

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Ads, Ads Everywhere

You may have seen this advertisement before: Some guy or girl flaunting all of their belongings and saying that they got this through hard work. Then you would listen as they ramble on about where they went on vacation, their luxury cars, houses, you name it. It can be quite obnoxious to hear about all of it and then they would say that they can share how they have done it. However, you cannot know it unless you pay them with a thousand dollars and hours of your time.

Also, you may have noticed that you are getting all of these ads after searching about marketing on any website these days. Based on this article, that’s one of the powers of SEO, and these online course makers are taking advantage of it as much as possible.

Don’t get us wrong. Some of these online courses are quite effective even though their advertising is somewhat shady. They can say that it is very easy and then they would bomb you with content that you barely even understand. Some of them are scams and they are just out to get money from you. 

The Basics of Ecom Elites

This is not the case with Ecom Elites. It was founded by Franklin Hatchette. He was once a part of the 9 to 5 club. When he realized that he can make his own money online, he started doing SEO and online marketing. However, his previous project failed and he needed to start over. When he knew about Shopify, he ventures into it and that was the start of his empire. Dropshipping became his focus. Now, he is very willing to share his knowledge online and help you out in the process.

There are two levels or packages. There are the standard edition and the ultimate version of the program. Before we begin the discussion, let us just inform you of the price. It is $197 to $297 for the courses respectively. That is just a fraction of the other courses online and it is quite astounding to see how much more affordable it is. You might be thinking that this can affect the quality of the product but Franklin Hatchette begs otherwise.

The Versions You Can Take

The standard and ultimate versions both have 6 modules. However, the ultimate version adds another three. The basic modules include how to set up your store on Shopify and choosing your products. Next, Hatchette would then walk you through on how you can use social media like Facebook and Instagram. These are the two websites that offer a lot of traction to online stores as it is easier to navigate for many users. Lastly, some parts focus on email marketing and the appropriate use of chatbots in your online business.

For the ultimate version, you will get the additional ones that focus on a more specific subject. The first one is all about sales funnels, which can be hard to pull off, especially if you are just starting. One of the best parts of this particular series though is its tutorial on Google Ads. It is one of the most used platforms for advertising since the previous year. Also, Hatchette teaches you how to grow your links organically using white hat methods. Here’s the difference between that and black hat methods: Other contents are specific to this package as well.

Aside from these programs, you will also be given access to other supplemental materials which can help you understand the subject even better. A Facebook group is also organized by the creator of this course so that the members can discuss their strategies with each other. He also hosts Q&As every once in a while which you can check out. All in all, Ecom Elites is a well-rounded course that can help you find your way around Shopify and other online demands. However, success will always depend on your effort.

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