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Is Hiring The Key To Social Success?
Is Hiring The Key To Social Success?

Few people know Scott Stratten, he of @Unmarketing fame and author of a book by that name and the new Book of Business Awesome, has a background in human resources. When you learn that, you typically, do a double take and think, “Wha?” But it’s true.

Scott and I caught up last week to talk about his upcoming keynote at Explore Portland (ticket form below) and wound up diving into a discussion about the feasibility of hiring being critical to your success as a social business and in social media marketing. In short, you can’t force awesome from unawesome employees. So hiring is a step in the process. Jump into the video and hear what Scott has to say:

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So what do you think? Can you train awesome or is it something you have to hire for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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