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What Makes Kajabi a Must-Have Software Application for Online Businesses & Social Media Marketing?
What Makes Kajabi a Must-Have Software Application for Online Businesses & Social Media Marketing?

Thousands of entrepreneurs are turning to online businesses as it requires comparatively less money to start a company and using social media as their main form of marketing. Kajabi has a powerful all in one solution for all of your online business needs. But you still need software applications that would help in conducting business activities. Instead of buying software applications individually for payments, order placement, and website surfing, you can use Kajabi‘s ready-to-go, all-in-one platform that has everything that your startup needs and can easily support both organic & paid social media marketing.

Kajabi facilitates customer engagement, marketing, and sales, thus making it easier for you to take care of your business using one software application only. Since Kajabi is compatible with Stripe, your customers can perform straightforward electronic payments within a few seconds. Kajabi also allows you to build landing pages and custom forms to simplify your marketing strategies. It offers various built-in integrations with different applications, such as Google Analytics, Infusionsoft, and MailChimp, enabling you to manage your online products seamlessly.

Features of Kajabi

Kajabi should be your go-to software if you want to start an online business. It helps you save hundreds of bucks since you don’t need to buy software applications individually. In addition to saving money, this application provides tons of other features.

1. Build your website

You can create a professional website that establishes your brand. With the strongest possible security, Kajabi makes your website safe and secure for your customers. Plus, it provides one-click marketing sequences that generate marketing templates with built-in pipeline blueprints. Also, its unlimited hosting services allow you to upload photos and videos on your website without worrying about storage space or bandwidth limitation.

2. Grow your following

Kajabi not only provides you with a platform to sell products online but also helps you implement your marketing strategies. The landing pages you create using Kajabi captures your visitors’ contact details so that you can email them later about your company’s products and services. Moreover, it only takes a few clicks to make your landing page go live. You don’t need a developer to do that for you. It comes with a library full of mobile-ready landing page templates, such as upsell pages, download pages, webinar pages, optin pages, and sales pages.

3. Sell your products

The ultimate objective of using Kajabi is to sell products without too many hassles. Thanks to its built-in features, you don’t need to worry about promoting your products. It offers an all-in-solution to make your business activities easier. With an integrated checkout system, customers can make payments from all over the globe using PayPal or Stripe. Even you can pay for using Kajabi with these two widely-used payment modes.

In addition to integrated checkouts for faster payments, Kajabi also provides 1-click upsells. This allows your customers to buy more from your site, enabling you to make more profit. You can place the upsell page strategically in your site so that customers can’t ignore that webpage before leaving your website. For example, you place your upsell page just before the payment page. This allows visitors to check out the offers on the upsell page before moving to the payment option.

Sometimes visitors add products to their carts but they don’t checkout to the payment page. They leave your website without placing their orders. Kajabi doesn’t approve abandoned carts. It will try to improve your conversion rate by sending automated emails to visitors who abandoned their carts to remind them of completing their orders.

You can provide free trials of online classes to students before asking them to subscribe. Kajabi is an excellent online business platform that allows you to sell online classes also. Free trials would make students want to check out your classes before deciding whether they should pay for monthly subscriptions or not.

4. Automate your marketing

You can operate your business on autopilot mode usingKajabi. It sends one-time email broadcasts to all your visitors. You can add call-to-action buttons and images to make the emails look attractive. Apart from sending call-to-action emails, you can also send automated emails with follow-up sequences. It can increase your conversions by reminding visitors what they are missing out.

With automated marketing, you can skip the manual process of sending emails to Kajabi and focus on improving your products and services. However, you may personalize the emails by using segmentation so that your customers feel that you are not sending generic emails.

Benefits of Kajabi

Over the years, Kajabi has become one of the most sought-after applications when it comes to starting an online business. Its all-in-one concept helps entrepreneurs to spend less and increase their chances of earning more. The features of this application speak volumes about why it is so popular for startups. Let’s take a look at some of its benefits to know more about this software.

  1. Kajabi allows you to develop engaging content on your landing page. You can add images, PDF files, audio clips, videos, and digital downloads to make your site attractive. With a simple drag-and-drop feature, it hardly takes a few minutes to develop engaging content for your visitors.
  2. Quizzes keep visitors engaged on your site and make them want to explore all the other pages to find out the correct answers. You can add questions on your landing page and provide answers on different product pages. This is a trick to enable visitors to check out all your products and services. Kajabi does this masterfully & increases the chances of converting a visitor into a customer no matter where they are coming from, especially social media.
  3. It is easy to connect your product with your marketing strategy using Kajabi. With other platforms, you may need to use different applications or start an email campaign manually. Kajabi takes care of all that automatically. It keeps your products and email marketing under one ecosystem, thus making the path from sending marketing emails to receiving orders smooth.
  4. Kajabi helps you develop an SEO-optimized website. This means people will be able to find your website easily in search engines.

Kajabi is one of the best software applications for online businesses. It not only streamlines your business activities but also helps you save hundreds every month that you would otherwise spend on marketing and SEO services. Use Kajabi today to give a kick-start to your online business and monetize your social media connections!

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