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Live Video: The Social Media For Every Need
Live Video: The Social Media For Every Need

Live video communication platforms are on the rise, as popularity has skyrocketed and the possibilities within them are endless. Consumers, businesses, and every day citizens can benefit from these services, as they are so versatile and able to be applied to a number of different parts of our society. Studies show that nearly 80% of consumers will interact with live video at least once a week and nearly 50% of business teams use video calling tools daily or weekly. On top of that, popular industries like healthcare, real estate, gaming, and marketing all have been reported to benefit from the use of live video technology.

Despite the clear benefit to virtual communication methods, effective live video is a challenge. Issues like bandwidth, quality, encoding, privacy, compatibility, and user interface, especially within the realm of business, are major factors. All of these issues cause problems for the employers and the employees, as the users have a decreased sense of comfort and ease on the platforms, which in turn decreases motivation to work, thus being detrimental to the company itself. Over 25% of professionals have even gone to the extent that web conferencing in its current state is actually hindering sales, not helping them. 

Fortunately, the future of live video is in good hands, as many technological developers are working tirelessly to improve the current situation of these issues, making live video more accessible, easy, and efficient to all who choose to use it. New technologies are constantly on the rise, and the future of virtual communication is bright given the trajectory of these efforts.

The power of nimble live video

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