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Most Important Benefits of Digital Signage for Business
Most Important Benefits of Digital Signage for Business

Even though we live in a fast-paced digital age of instant information and communication, in business we still hang on to delightful and interesting phrases like “hang a shingle” when we go to set up our own startup company. Well, the days of singles are long gone and now we live in a time dominated by modern digital signage, and those who resist the shift to digital signage are missing out on its many benefits.

1. Consumers Respond to Digital Signage

Print ad sales are suffering because most people simply do not respond to them anymore. Given that print publications, in general, are in decline, people don’t need to respond to them because they don’t even see them in the first place. Even when the print is placed in signage, people respond less. Digital signage, on the other hand, gets around 400 percent more views than any kind of static display.

Digital signage is more effective at getting customers to act, with many customers reporting that they enter establishments because the sign caught their attention while on the street.

2. Consumers Remember What They See

When using digital signage, your target consumers are bound to remember far more of what they see. Nielsen studies have shown that about 75 percent of people responding recall seeing digital signage in the past month, with 60 percent remembering seeing one in the past week. When consumers are remembering digital signage that they’ve seen in the past week or month better than they remember their own everyday matters, it’s a sure-fire sign that they work well.

3. They Are Easy to Update and Can be Timed and Targeted

Can you imagine the clamor of activity, not to mention the expense, that it would take to be constantly putting up and taking down different print signage day by day to convey all your targeted messages at the right times? It would be an endless, wasteful and thankless task and leave you penniless by the end of the month. The content of digital signage is easy to change, and in fact, it can be done instantaneously.

You can update your customers on items that are selling out fast, items that are on sale, special deals or events that you have coming up, and you can target these messages to nearby foot traffic and passing cars at different times of the day. In the early morning and late afternoon, you can catch the eye of commuters, and during the day the searching eyes of tourists or other locals running their daily errands.

4. It Provides an Engaging Distraction while Customers are Waiting

If your business is one where customers are frequently queued or waiting for service, then digital signage can keep them informed of interesting things your brand is doing while they wait. Customers are more willing to wait when they’re engaged in reading digital signage because they don’t feel like they are waiting.

In fact, market research shows that 84 percent of consumers said digital signage content helps them “pass the time more rapidly.” Furthermore, 70 percent of respondents in this same survey by Kantar said that they would watch digital displays while on a checkout line. 

5. Reduce Costs

Digital signage may come with a somewhat greater initial cost to set up, but once you have it in place, it starts to pay for itself in savings very quickly. The expense of older forms of signage always comes in the design, creation, and replacement of old ones with new ones. The screens that you get for your digital signage initially cost some capital, but then you can display many different campaigns upon them over and over, cycling between different content and updating instantly via a connected computer.

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