2011 To-Do List
My List For 2011
My List For 2011

I’ve found that if I tell people what I want to do publicly, I’m somewhat more vested in making it happen. So here’s my list for this year:

I want to …

  • Refine my focus
  • Elevate my game
  • Stop saying “yes” more often than I say, “I’m sorry, no.”
  • Ignore the uninformed critics and solicit feedback from the other kind
  • Continue connecting people who should work together
  • Make my clients inordinately happy
  • Take better care of me
  • Never again allow someone to take me away from my children without paying for it
  • Launch my online learning community beyond closed beta
  • Write a book about business
  • Write another book for fun
  • Stop being mad at people who have unwittingly hurt me
  • Give more money to my church
  • Sleep longer
  • Buy a hammock
  • Read more books, fewer blogs
  • Do more to show appreciation for my wife
  • Keep kickin’ ass

What about you? What do you want to do this year? The comments are yours.

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Jason Falls
Jason Falls is the founder of Social Media Explorer and one of the most notable and outspoken voices in the social media marketing industry. He is a noted marketing keynote speaker, author of two books and unapologetic bourbon aficionado. He can also be found at JasonFalls.com.
  • I love it, Jason :) and yes, sharing your dreams and aspirations publicly is very powerful.

    Here's my 3 main goals for 2011:
    * Take serious steps towards my singing/song writing passion
    * Love myself and others unconditionally
    * Find my soul mate! (Well, I didn't know there's a traffic jam in Mars :) )

  • Nice list, a hammock will make all of that fun! Now I want to have one.

  • You go, Jason…you are one of the authentic voices on the Internet, and what you put out there is always refreshingly clear and implementable. I'm glad to see that taking care of yourself is on the list, though perhaps it should be higher. Happy New Year and best wishes for your continued success.

    • Fair point. Will ponder … rearrange. Thank you!

  • I hope you get to accomplish most of these! As for me, I think it's time for me to figure out what I can do with my life, for myself and for others.

  • Great list Jason, Buying a hammock was on my list last year, but I failed to buy one. Let me know what model you end up with. Happy New Year!

  • Congrats on the launch (soon to be formal launch?) of the learning community! Poked around and it looks great and resourceful!

    For me, there's too much to list but I'm happy to say that I'm organized and working away. Lots to do and execute on in the year ahead that's for sure. But every day I feel like I'm getting there, little by little.

    Happy New Year Jason!

  • Write a book about business – I look forward to your tips and insights!

    For my new year’s resolution, I aim to continue keeping my clients satisfied and making new business connections.

    Hopefully, this year will bring us more things to be thankful for. Happy new year everyone!

  • Dude, that list is awesome – love it! Definitely got the 'What you gonna do in 2011, Lisa?' wheels in my brain movin' and groovin'!

    Here's a few:
    *Stick with Sparkpeople! Been back there 4wks and it feels great! Lost 40lbs with them and Twit2Fit 2yrs ago, so I know I can do this!
    *Spend WAY less time goofing on the internet – and get to work!
    *Narrow my focus. Sure, you don't want all your eggs in one basket, but, 8billionty might be too many. Heh.
    *Only say yes if I'm going to (and have time to) follow through. No more guilt clouds for not doing what I say I'll do.

    Thanks for getting me thinking!

  • here's one off my list: Stop saying NO and start saying “YES but it will cost extra”!

  • 5 of those are on my list too Sir, very funny.

    One additional item I added was refusing to work for clients who are involved in business for the “sole” purpose of making money. I want to work with people who are like-minded in the sense that they also beleive that world is bigger than themselves.

  • Elevate your game?

  • Shannon (@Cajun_Mama)

    I'm going to be saying, “No” a good bit in 2011. And I'm going to write more for myself – http://www.shannonlane.com/201…/

    By the way, looking through some of my older posts (http://www.shannonlane.com/tra…/) you mentioned taking your wife to Belize. I think you should make that a definite for 2011 ;)

  • Thank you for “never again allow someone to take me away from my children without paying for it.” Sign of a great man–good luck in 2011.


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