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Our Love Affair with Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]
Our Love Affair with Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is mobile more important than social? Tim Hayden, Senior VP Mobile Strategist at Edelman says it is. As we examine today’s fast adoption to mobile and how user behaviors are inviting opportunity for mobile marketing in big ways, we cannot help but be fascinated, borderline-obsessive with today’s new world of mobile.

Big Love

Just what has made this technology woo us into a love affair that we can’t take our eyes off of? From our human need to connect and learn to the virtual and visual attributes this convenient piece of master machinery provides, there is more than one reason we all are compulsively touching and embracing it.

Big Impact

Where might the future for us and our “precious” take us, and how might it take data from us? Conveniences like mobile wallets are starting to be tested. Augmented reality is on the verge of adoption, although the level of speed and bandwidth is not quite able to provide real time data that is necessary to fully adopt this yet.

Big Data

Big data from mobile makes Google look like toddler play compared the brawny badness of big mobile intelligence. From locations, to search terms, device types, languages and time and dates, these are some of the personal data values that can be extracted very easily, making our love affair with mobile a gold mine of intelligence for marketers.

Big Innovation

The adoption rate of mobile is staggering as 38% of smartphone users purchased  their device less than 12 months ago. This new technology is exploding with innovation from developing mobile apps to creating digital media platforms and filetypes that can be consumed on-the-go wirelessly from tablets and smartphones as opposed to the stop, sit and lean back technology from screens that sit on your lap, desk or wall. Bursting innovation that leads to great news for the consumer, entertainment, media industry and the economy.

This glance and go graphic tells the story of our love affair with mobile while using some of the takeaways from The Tim Hayden’s presentation he shared at Explore Minneapolis in September.

These are just a few top takeaways from the Tim Hayden’s recent presentation on why we love mobile and how it is impacting our lives. What are your favorite things you love about mobile and how it is changed your life? Share your love story with mobile below. 

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