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Overgram Offers Free Text-On-Photo App
Overgram Offers Free Text-On-Photo App

For those who thought the text-on-photo application my friend and former SME product head Aaron Marshall built and launched last summer was cool, but should be free, now a version of it is!

Over, which retails in the Apple Store for $0.99 (as of Sunday, but has been $1.99 at one point), has a new, free cousin called Overgram. It’s specifically designed to invigorate Instagram users and help them add text and context, easily, to photos.

Social Media Explorer helped Marshall launch the original product and while we don’t have a direct stake in the company now, we love Aaron and the app, so we thought you’d like to know about Overgram.

And, to provide some value to the photo-interested community, Over put together a pretty interesting infographic on the use and explosion of photography over time. Enjoy!

Mobile Photography [Infographic]
Courtesy of Overgram

Are you using Over or Overgram? Tell us about it in the comments.

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  • I bought Over based on your recommendation and have been enjoying using it.  I would like to see the app go to the next level and offer more filters, multiple spots to provide text and more designs. I figure Aaron will be checking out this post, and would be glad to chat with him further if he’s interested.


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