Introducing The Rebel's Guide To Email Marketing
Introducing The Rebel’s Guide To Email Marketing
Introducing The Rebel’s Guide To Email Marketing

If you joined DJ Waldow and me today for our 22-minute webinar on five secrets to email marketing, you learned that one of the secrets was that he and I have written a book. I’m proud to tell all of you that The Rebel’s Guide To Email Marketing is now available for pre-order on Amazon and will be in your local book stores late this summer.

This is my second book (thanks to all of you who have supported No Bullshit Social Media: The All-Business, No-Hype Guide To Social Media Marketing) but DJ’s first. And if you know both me and DJ, you know he’s truly the subject matter expert on email marketing. But we wanted to work on this together and, well, I know a couple things here or there that might be helpful.

Who’s A Rebel?

Rebel's Guide To Email MarketingThis book is for anyone who wants to be excellent at email marketing, but that also knows best practices are only applicable to you and your organization if you test, measure and prove them. Your brand, audience, market, industry and more are unique. So listening to the “rules” from software companies or even industry thought leaders is like choosing to eat chocolate ice cream because it’s the most popular flavor, not because you like it. We’ve broken email marketing down to help you understand its usefulness, the necessary technical elements for the business owner or marketer, how social media and email marketing work together to form a more perfect marketing union and then we break down all those pesky “rules” and show you why and how you can break them and be successful.

Preorder the book now. You’ll learn something good and have fun reading it, for sure.

Why The Rebellion?

As you could tell from No Bullshit Social Media, I’m not a fan of rules. Yet everywhere DJ and I turned to discover information and advice on email marketing, that’s all we saw. “You must do it this way!” “You shouldn’t do it that way!” We wanted to poke holes in the rules and show people that you can do the unthinkable (using ALL CAPS in subject lines, using one big image rather than text, etc.) and still kick ass with your email marketing efforts.

Plus there just hasn’t been a lot of updated information for the non-web-centric reader on email marketing in a while. With the advent of social media, the advancements in email marketing software and more, the book world was ripe for a book that included a fresh look at email marketing and what companies can do to use it successfully.

Here’s more from both of us … we’re excited!

How You Can Help The Rebellion

Well, yeah, you can preorder the book. But we also need help making sure more people know they don’t have to follow the lemmings off the email marketing cliff! If you have a blog, magazine, newsletter or similar and would like one of us to contribute to it in the form of an interview or perhaps a guest post on email marketing, let us know. We’ll do our very best to accomodate those requests.

If you are involved with a local professional organization that would like to talk about improving email marketing as a monthly topic, we can both provide virtual content (live interviews, webinars, Q&A sessions via Skype or similar). Both of us have limited availability for coming to your community to talk about email marketing as well. We only ask that your organization or its sponsors purchase a minimum of 100 books and cover our travel expenses. Just fill out our contact form and let us know the details. We won’t be able to do visit every one, everywhere, but both DJ and I love getting out and networking socially rather than just social networking online.

And, of course, if you know of an organization that is doing a poor or no job with email marketing, buy them a copy or several copies. Or introduce us to them. Maybe we can help correct that by showing them The Rebel’s Guide.

Here We Go

Writing a book is a project and a process. It’s been a fun one to work on with DJ, who is enthusiasm incarnate. The book is useful, fun and even a little irreverent. And it doesn’t have a swear word in the title, so it’s coffee table safe. Heh. You’ll soon read and hear more about the book as we get closer to the publishing date, but rest assured, it’s going to be a good primer for those who don’t quite know email marketing well and a useful reminder and refresher for those that do.

We’re going to have a lot of fun talking about email marketing in the coming months.¬†Thanks for supporting us in this.

So go ahead: Preorder The Rebel’s Guide To Email Marketing now. I guarantee that with or without the leather jacket and shades, you’ll immediately be more cool. ;-)

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