Samsung Galaxy Tab Offers Nice Sized Tweener Tablet
Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Provides Tweener Tablet
Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Provides Tweener Tablet

The folks at Samsung reached out to me last week to see if I’d like to try a Galaxy Tab. I’d hear about the 7-inch tablet and thought it might be worth checking out. I explained to them that I don’t really review gadgets, but if they didn’t mind no guarantee I’d blog about it, I’d be happy to play and tell them what I thought. They said all they would ask is that I tweeted about my experiences, so I gave them my address. And for disclosure sake, I’m not receiving anything other than the Tab for a couple of weeks. I have to return it.

So the Tab arrived and I thought I’d share a quick video and some first impressions. It’s a nice “tweener” tablet. Bigger than a phone to give you a better experience with multimedia, more room to type, etc.; but smaller than an iPad or laptop so it fits nicely in a regular sized purse or the front pocket of a briefcase. I’m sure I have some pants around here that have a pocket big enough for it, too. But remember … I’m a big dude. I have big pants.

No, this doesn’t mean I’m suddenly going to review gadgets, but the tablets are useful to social media managers and brand folks who travel frequently and are on the go. Being able to quickly scan YouTubes and Facebooks and Twitters in a more enriching experience than a phone is beneficial. And for content producers, the Tab has the iPad whipped since it already has dual cameras (ala iPhone 4.0) and won’t make you buy one, then suddenly come out with a better one to make you mad you bought one without waiting.

Here’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab:

You can learn more about the Galaxy Tab on Samsung’s website. My friend Louis Gray has some tablet thoughts you might find useful to round out your knowledge of the Tab and others. And you can see an interesting comparison of the Galaxy Tab versus the iPad on GigaOm.

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