Social Media Explorer Merges With Full Frontal ROI To Form SME Digital
Social Media Explorer Merges With Full Frontal ROI To Form SME Digital
Social Media Explorer Merges With Full Frontal ROI To Form SME Digital

I’m proud to tell everyone that two of your regular writers here, me and Nichole Kelly, have decided to merge our companies to form a new digital marketing agency. It will be a division of Social Media Explorer called SME Digital. Nichole is now the president of our new effort to combine forces. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help your company with strategy and implementation of social media and digital marketing to produce measures that connect with the three things that matter: sales, revenue and cost.

For the official company word, visit our release on PitchEngine.

This partnership has been brewing for a while. Most of you know Nichole has written here for a year and a half. We even wrote about her previous work on the brand side of things where she became widely known as a measurement super star in the business. Her firm, called Full Frontal ROI, has been firmly focused on delivering profitable social media strategies that are measured in metrics that matter to brands. Her no-nonsense approach and bottom line focus matched up perfectly with my “No Bullshit” stance. Only she’s smarter and more detailed than me, so she accounts for some weaknesses in what I’ve done, too.

Nichole Kelly, Jason Falls and Aaron Marshall
SME's leadership team: President Nichole Kelly, CEO Jason Falls and Chief Product Officer Aaron Marshall

Bottom line, SME Digital is stronger than either Social Media Explorer alone, or Full Frontal ROI was, now that we’re combining our efforts. The Full Frontal ROI will be woven into what SME Digital offers. Our plan is to focus on that bottom line measurement, coupled with smart, strategic approaches to our client’s business and build a digital marketing agency that brands will be proud to call theirs.

Working with Nichole is awesome, too. She’s über smart and has some awesome ideas on how we can approach branded entertainment, fan advocacy programs and more that we’ve had a lot of fun collaborating on. Now that we’ve hit the ground running working on client projects, I can tell you we’ve got something neat here. We’d love to help you, too.

For the record, we’ve merged her company and the consulting arm of my company. I didn’t hire her. If anything, she’s hired me. She had the agency model for Full Frontal ROI fleshed out and focused whereas I added consulting to our information and education products when I needed to or the opportunity arose. This merger allows Full Frontal ROI and SME’s consulting services to transition from boutique social media firms to a full-service digital marketing agency with the combination of resources now available. And provides the opportunity to apply the Full Frontal ROI methodology and framework around the consulting services that were previously offered by Social Media Explorer. In the end, this allows us to provide superior service to our clients.

Social Media Explorer now has offices in Louisville and Baltimore with SME Digital headquartered in the latter. We’ll have team members on both the information products side (events, The Conversation Report, our learning community, etc., which Aaron Marshall helps lead) and the agency side (SME Digital) in both cities eventually. Our hope is to expand to 10-15 full-time staffers by year’s end, then grow from there.

We’ve got a lot more on the horizon to tell you about. All in due time. But for now, if you’re looking for top-teir strategic help with digital and social media marketing, SME DIgital is here to serve. Drop us a line and let’s see how we can help you plan, execute and measure your digital efforts.

And thanks to all of you for your support then and now!

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