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Tips And Tricks For Instagram
Tips And Tricks For Instagram

Instagram is one of the newcomers in the social media world. But, it has been the most engaging social media among all others. Instagram is mostly visual and its attractive interface keeps users enjoying it. Either you are an individual or a brand, this social network is perfect for all. If you are a new Instagram user or someone who wants to grow his profile gradually, follow these tips and tricks to boom on the platform.

Stay active daily

The algorithm of social media platforms like Instagram is designed to prefer active users. Some people don’t actually care about the regular activity which is an incautious mistake. Since you have signed up on Instagram, you should spend at least a few while regularly. Note that it takes time and constant activities to grow an Instagram profile.

Have a schedule for posting

What is a noteworthy difference between you and an influencer? Perhaps, the content calendar. You might be still struggling for inspiration to post on Instagram where an influencer already has a massive content calendar. He knows what and when he is going to post. You can draft a content calendar on a weekly, monthly, even yearly basis. After filling up the calendar with posts, also be careful about the posting time. A posting schedule will make your followers accustomed to peeking on your profile at a certain time. 

Design content idea

Lack of a content idea is a common and distasteful experience for most Instagram users. Some users frequently upload images but don’t get sufficient engagement. It is because their followers find that content boring. Before you start your Instagram journey, you need to generate precise content ideas for subsequent posting. For instance, if you are a fitness enthusiast, you can ask a workout topical question, or post a tutorial video a few often. Again, you can post images on a trending topic for better engagement. 

Follow others to grow followers

The number of followers is usually considered the key to success on social media platforms. You can grow your followers in several ways. If you are in a hurry or need to grow a highly targeted audience, you can buy Instagram followers through a paid campaign. However, you can grow followers organically as well. You should start following targeted people on Instagram to get follow back from them. Though this is an ancient strategy, it seems to be working fine yet. 

Add blog or landing page URL in bio

Does Instagram have any downside? Yes, they have. You cannot add a website URL or link to each post like all other social platforms. Instagram users are allowed to add URLs in the bio section only. It may seem harsh to online marketers, but the Instagram authority did it to prevent excessive spamming on the platform. What to do then? Well, you have to follow a different strategy. You can add your desired URL in bio and mention it on your image caption to influence followers for clicking. 

Find the best hashtags in your niche

Without hashtags, Instagram posts are like ships without a captain. Hashtags help you to reach your targeted people as well as audiences to find the right post among millions of them. According to many influencers, discovering the right hashtags is the secret of their success. Fortunately, there are both paid and free tools to find out the best hashtags for your Instagram posts. You can use a tool, follow others and brainstorm to figure out the best hashtags for your niche. 

Use brand hashtag

If you have opened a business profile, the best way is to make a branded hashtag for followers to find you easily. For instance, brands like Google and Apple have their own branded hashtags like #Google and #Apple. This strategy is quite effective because their followers find their posts simply by typing these branded hashtags. 

Tag others

Tagging another profile handle on Instagram is a killer strategy for high engagement. People as well as businesses like to be tagged by others. Anyone likes it when someone mentions him or talks about him. When you are sharing others’ stories, don’t forget to tag them on your post. If you do it constantly, they will start noticing. Finally, chances are they will tag you too or follow you.

Use special fonts and emojis

Instagram is a highly active social platform. Users all over the world post more than 300 million images on this platform each day. So, anyone is hovering thousands of posts in a day. As a result, it is quite easy to lose attention from an essential post. This is too bad if they accidentally miss your post anyway. Well, there are a few strategies to grab followers’ attention among this massive number of posts. You can use fancy fonts and emojis to make your post more visible. Though they catch people’s eyes, overdoing them may spoil your attempts too. So, be careful while using them. 

Engage with followers

The main purpose of social networks is to create engagement among people. Unfortunately, some of us are too lazy to do it, others keep their egos high. Notice the successful profiles. They are constantly posting interesting images, replying to comments, liking others posts, and mentioning each other. If you want to grow your profile and become popular, you must engage with your followers. Highly engaging profiles are also prioritized by Instagram. Note that if you ignore people, they will do the same. 

Track your progress

Whatever you do, progress tracking is essential to know if you are going on the right path. Instagram has an excellent default analytical tool to monitor user’s engagement and activities. If you truly want to roar on Instagram, you have to understand what your audiences are fond of. Notice like an eagle what is going on and what is really working for your progress. If you can catch the point, repeat your trump card, again and again, to be successful on Instagram.

Finally, consistency is the key to success on any digital platform. Always care about your followers and post highly engaging content accordingly.

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