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Tips To Make Your Webpage More User-Friendly
Tips To Make Your Webpage More User-Friendly

Web design rules are very dynamic, and they change every year. Knowing the latest trends will allow you to provide the best quality service. Remember that if you don’t progress, you regress. That’s why you should learn more about these web design trends which will make a difference in 2020, and let your webpage stay ahead from the competition.

Keep Things Simple

Although experts have always emphasized the importance of this element, it’s going to be extremely crucial in 2020. People have hundreds of things to do on the Internet. And even if they are interested in your product or service, it doesn’t automatically mean that they will purchase it. Of course, they will visit the webpage, but if they aren’t able to find the information which they need, they simply leave. Visitors don’t have time or patience to struggle with unintuitive, complicated pages, which, on top of everything, load slowly. That’s why you have to do your best to create a website that is as simple as possible. Obviously, every business would like to have an advanced webpage that stands out from the crowd, but if you ever experience this temptation, remember – genius lies in simplicity. 

One of the responsibilities of a UX designer is to provide a smooth user experience. That’s why you have to make sure that you simplify the home page and navigation as much as possible. Provide only the most critical and useful information for visitors. When it comes to navigation, it has to be intuitive and bring people exactly where they can find answers to the questions.

Also, pay attention to the details, such as color scheme. According to studies, 85% of people confirmed that color had a significant impact on their decision making. Driving more sales is, of course, the greatest benefit of using the right colors. But did you know that color has a significant impact on visitors’ first impression? On average, it takes 50 milliseconds for a customer to decide whether he likes the webpage or not. If you fail to make the site visually attractive, there’s a big chance that the end-user will leave, before he actually reads what you’re offering. That’s why paying attention to details like that pays off.

Photos and Graphics

The text provides the biggest amount of information. Of course, it’s necessary to describe service or product, but try to imagine how the Internet would look like if text were the only thing that you can find on webpages. Visitors can’t acquire so much information. That’s why you should upload photos and illustrations. They make your site more clear and eye-appealing. People like images more than the text, that’s why you have to find a perfect balance between them.

Also, it’s worth presenting content with infographics – they are clear and allow to illustrate why the product is good easily. Infographics are an effective form of presentation because they combine the written word with graphic elements, and therefore you’re able to present something in a small space.

GIFs Use

Photos and graphics is a nice idea to diversify content on your website, but why don’t you go even further and start using GIFs? It’ll make your visitors more engaged, interested in your content, and as a result, they will spend more time on your page. 

Mobile Phone Optimization

If your business website isn’t optimized for mobile phone users, that’s a huge mistake. First of all, mobile-friendly websites are ranked better after the release of the mobile-first index by Google. Therefore you increase organic traffic, and more people have a chance to see your website. But it doesn’t serve this purpose only. 

What’s even more important is the fact that you provide the best possible user experience to those who are visiting your site from mobile phones. A few years ago it wasn’t that crucial, but nowadays, when everybody has access to smartphones with an internet connection, such optimizations became necessary. If you haven’t optimized your business website for mobile responsiveness yet, don’t wait longer! It’s an investment, which has to be done, but it will pay off.

Voice Search

Voice optimization is something that was usually overlooked. Not anymore, though. According to estimates, the voice shopping industry will be worth $40 billion. That’s why some businesses have already started to optimize their content for voice search. In order to drive more traffic to your website, you should do this as well. Once you do that you’ll notice a significant jump in organic traffic. Using natural language processing will let every type of audience find your company website. And it’s worth to do it, because people, who previously were hesitant to voice search, start to use this feature more and more frequently. 

Effective web design is essential for business success. If your webpage provides the answers and solutions to visitor’s questions, and at the same time is visually attractive, then it’ll rank higher, which will obviously result in the increase of traffic and your business popularity.

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