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Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2022
Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2022

Each year comes with its unique digital marketing trends, which helps to give people a sneak peek into what to expect for the upcoming year. 2021 has seen massive growth in digital content marketing, with many new players coming on board. However, some trends will likely rule the digital marketing world come 2022.

At the beginning of 2021, TikTok gained massive prominence and took over many other platforms that came before it. It has been identified as a leading platform among Gen Z. Businesses with content to push out have learned to maximize this platform to reach their audience.

 “Businesses that observe marketing trends without taking the necessary actions face the possible risk of being swallowed up by their competition,” says Bill Fukui.

With cryptocurrencies and NFTs gaining prominence in the financial world and Google announcing the phasing out of cookies in the nearest future, businesses will need to explore other options in reaching their audience. There are many exciting developments in the digital marketing world, and knowing the trends to be aware of in 2022 will help you maximize the opportunities inherent in them.

Digital Marketing Trends to Maximize in 2022

#1. Short Video Content

Video content has become the game-changer in content marketing, and keeping your videos short increases their effectiveness in capturing your audience’s attention. TikTok has played a significant role in shifting the social media landmark from written content and photos to short videos.

As the popularity of short video content continues to increase, other social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube have launched features like reels and Youtube shorts. These features would allow users to post short videos to reach a broader audience. These short videos are succinct and communicate the message and a call to action in a matter of seconds.

Through short videos, many businesses have been able to get their customers to buy into an idea or product, participate in surveys, and join different challenges. Short video DIYs is sure to be a digital marketing trend to look out for in 2022 as it has not been fully explored.

#2. LinkedIn is Growing

Businesses should watch out for this space as it is the next big thing in digital marketing. The platform has experienced growth in the number of users and engaged followers. The platform has also been progressive in rolling out features that individuals and businesses can maximize to get better results.

#3. Watch out for Influencers

Social media influencers now occupy a palace of pride in the digital marketing world. They have been able to drive traffic to many businesses through the content they push out. Many companies have closed sales and gathered more followers and loyalists through influencer endorsement. B2B brands like SAP, PWC, and Adobe have latched on to this trend and maximized it, and many other businesses will do the same in 2022.

#4. More Personalization, Less Generalization

Gone are the days when businesses sent out catch-all content with the hope of reaching more people. In 2022, personalized content will convert more as opposed to generalized ones. Companies should intentionally create specific content that will appeal to their specific audience as this will produce more results.

The digital marketing world has many players, making for fiercer competition. To stand out from the crowd, businesses must work not only on the content but also on the timing and channel through which the targeted audience receives the adverts. Taking out time to study the different platforms and what works on those platforms will help your personalized advert yield more results.

Beyond tailoring the different marketing efforts to suit the specific social media platform, considerations must also be taken for audiences in other geographical locations. Giving time and attention to this will help your marketing efforts yield more results in 2022.

#5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The digital marketing world has seen an increase in the use of Artificial Intelligence in marketing efforts. There will be further advancement in artificial intelligence as it has also not been fully explored. Beyond traffic monitoring, artificial intelligence can help businesses predict the trend of products and services customers are likely to want based on their purchasing history.

With AI, businesses can analyze data faster and better than when done manually and give accurate predictions on customer desires. The analyses can prepare personalized adverts using customers’ purchasing histories. That way, businesses can have more conversions and gain a reputation as being sensitive to the needs of their customers.

#6. Omnichannel Marketing

Customers have access to businesses through several means. Through omnichannel marketing, businesses ensure that their products and services are accessible to customers on all their channels and platforms. This makes it easier for customers to purchase the products through any available means.

For instance, many e-commerce businesses make it possible for customers to place an order for their products either on the online store, by placing a phone call across, through the mobile app, or by visiting any of their local stores. Doing this provides prospective customers with various means of getting the advertised products.

Wrapping Up

The uncertainty of the future affords marketers with little or no luxury to wait things out. The ability to forecast and predict is strength in digital marketing. Therefore, businesses that can recognize and maximize these trends in 2022 will see more results.

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