Watch Flash On iPads With Parallels Desktop 7
Watch Flash On iPads With Parallels Desktop 7
Watch Flash On iPads With Parallels Desktop 7

We’re excited about today’s launch of Parallels Desktop 7 around SME. The software allows Mac users to run Windows applications on their desktop along side Mac applications with seamless transition between the two. You can copy-paste and drag-and-drop from one to the other. We’ve tried a tested a few of these virtual PC type products before and have never been overwhelmed with their performance, this new edition from Parallels looks quite promising.

But the big feature that is launching is the mobile and tablet applications for the product. Now you can login to your Parallels experience on an iPhone or iPad (or other mobile devices) and see a virtual Windows desktop, access your files and operate as if you were sitting at a PC. Very cool. What’s even more cool? You can run Flash videos on your iPhone or iPad, complete with sound, using the app.

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Parallel’s already has millions of users and is one of, if not the, leading PC-on-Mac virtualization software out there. The mobile apps just make them that much better.

We’re also excited the folks at Parallels decided to join the stable of sponsors here at Social Media Explorer. You’ll notice their banners on the individual post pages here on SME for a few days. We hope you’ll check out the product.

Parallels 7 retails for $79.99. The Switch To Mac Edition is $99.00. There are student editions and cheaper prices for upgrades. Anyone who purchased version 6.0 after August 1, 2011 is eligible for a free upgrade.

The mobile app is available on iTunes for $19.99, but is only $4.99 for a limited time. Check out more at the Parallels website.

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  • Love Parallels. Been with them since 4.0. Great product and equally great service. They will work with you to get it just right. A little tip for the Mac crew: I am running a dual drive setup (1 128GB SSD and 1 500GB HD) with 8GB of Memory. This setup kills it. It allows you to run, at break neck speeds, Parallels and any apps you want on the Mac side all at the same time.

    Remember, when you set up Parallels, make sure you use 50% of the memory installed, otherwise it may be slower than you like. In case it does not work like you want, just call Parallels Support team and they will tweak it until it rocks.

    • Great to have you chime in Dean. Shoulda known you knew the software well!

  • Flash videos on your iPhone or iPad.

    • Pretty neat, hugh, Valerie! We’re excited to play with the software too!


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