What One Small Business Has Learned About Digital Marketing
What One Small Business Has Learned About Digital Marketing
What One Small Business Has Learned About Digital Marketing

The third of our free pass winners to BlogWorld & New Media Expo was About Curves, an online retailer for plus-size lingerie. Pamela Hazleton nominated them and KC from About Curves came to soak up the knowledge BlogWorld has to offer. The great thing about KC winning the pass was that she really represents exactly who should be coming to an event like BlogWorld and attend the Social Media Business Summit. She’s a small business owner/entrepreneur, out there doing it in the real world.

Not a novice to digital marketing at all, KC was still able to learn plenty she’ll be able to put to use for About Curves. She swung by the ExploringSocialMedia.com booth and I asked a few things, including what she’s learned over the years that could help other business owners and marketers diving into the social media space.

Check out AboutCurves.com and let KC know how she’s doing, or if you have some ideas that might help. And if she’s given you some good advice, let her know that, too. I’m glad she was able to come to BlogWorld and share her story with us.

And be sure to stay tuned. We’ll be doing a similar contest for BlogWorld & New Media Expo Los Angeles. Maybe you could be next!

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