Alabama Spay Neuter #GivingTuesday
Alabama Spay Neuter – #GivingTuesday
Alabama Spay Neuter – #GivingTuesday

Animal welfare isn’t normally on the top of my giving priorities. I’ve always had a pet in the house, and I grew up around livestock, so I know how to respect animals and treat them well.

But not everyone does. I learned a bit about that working with the Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic.

Each year in Alabama, 150,000 dogs and cats are euthanized because no one will adopt them. Many thousands more suffered as strays. Despite the great work of shelters, many of these strays and non-adopted pets went through untold suffering. Back in 2007, some people got together to help stop that. They discovered that spaying or neutering pets was often too expensive for the people around Birmingham. So the veteranarians and business leaders decided to start a low-cost, nonprofit clinic.

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Just a few short years later, they’ve done over 50,000 surgeries and have created a facility that can help 100 pets per day and serves over 13 counties. What I love about these guys is their entrepreneurialism and their sense of humor. Both are in evidence in things like their mobile outreach. As they worked to help pets and pet owners, they realized that many of the most vulnerable didn’t have the transportation to get to the clinic. So they started a transportation service in a tie-dyed van called the “Hip to Snip Express.”

Image of the AL Spay Neuter Hip to Snip Express

Another fun view of their humor is in this picture that went on their Facebook page a while back. They even have a “Spay It Forward”fund! The entire character of this organization is infused with this kind of joy and laughter. And that makes it easy to like them!

Funny image AL Spay/Neuter used on their Facebook page

Please donate

But a need and a winsome way to communicate that need doesn’t mean a nonprofit makes a difference. But Alabama Spay/Neuter does. Animal shelters have gratefully told them that since they’ve been in operation, volume at the shelters is down by 20%. This is a good thing!

They can only do what they do with the support and advocacy of others. Check out their donation page. Even their giving levels are fun!

If you’re not interested in Birmingham, please consider supporting a spay/neuter clinic near you. One directory can be found here on the ASPCA website.

It’s not just money

Many of these clinics are so deep dealing with the pain and suffering of animals and the hardships of the pet owners, that they have a hard time communicating their story effectively. And they could use a more effective website and social media presence. If you have skills in those areas, please consider offering them this week too!

Here’s a video about Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic that introduces you to the team, the statistics, and their fun. All to the tune of Katy Perry’s “Firework.”


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