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Be Smarter With Your Holiday Giving This Year
Be Smarter With Your Holiday Giving This Year

One of the main reasons I take part in writing these posts is because I want to shine a light on organizations that are doing amazing things, but also to encourage more people to actively take part in giving to non-profits.

Time and time again you’ll hear me stress that giving is more than just writing a check and I want you to keep that in mind as we head into the holidays this year.

We all know that this is the biggest fund raising time for most organizations, so you are going to be seeing tweets, letters and commercials all asking for your donations.

Make Sure Your Money is Being Used Appropriately

Use a site like Charity Navigator to learn about any organization before you give them money. They have details on all legitimate charities (currently 1.6 million of them) and I like to use them to see how organizations spend the money they are given.

Plus, they keep an updated Donor Advisories page for all to see.

Buy Gifts That Give Back

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For years, I’ve loved to give gifts that help a nonprofit at the same time.

As an example, if you want to help the victims of the recent typhoon in the Philippines you could donate directly to the Red Cross or another group. But, you could also buy one of these beautiful prints from artist Len Peralta like I did.

I’m also planning on buying gifts this year from Project Bead, fashionABLE and ONE.

People love getting gifts with a story behind them and it is the perfect way to introduce your favorite causes to your friends and family.

Don’t Forget Local Needs

It is very easy to get caught up in trying to save the world at large. I know from experience.

But, don’t forget that there are tons of groups just outside your front door that could use your time and resources too. Look online for local events happening where you can donate food, clothes or other items to help your community. Call up your local soup kitchen and see if there is some way you can help.

Join a Board

I’m proud to say that I am on the Board of Directors of two great organizations.

Wediko works to improve children’s lives through a range of therapeutic services and programs which are tailored to fit each unique child and situation.

The Hockey Foundation’s mission is to use ice hockey to reinforce character strengths, improve the quality of life and empower children in less fortunate regions of the world.

It is hard to put into words how good it feels to give back on a day-to-day basis by officially being involved with a charity. When you find a group that is close to your heart and you want to help, let them know your interest. They may not have an opening now, but I’m sure they’ll take any help you can give them.

Don’t Forget To Give Back

This is the reason #GivingTuesday was first created.

We all hear the hype, commercials and news reports about Black Friday and people would rush out to spend money.

Giving gifts is great, but helping out those who need it is even better.

Please take the above advice and find the charities that appeal to you and then find the best way to donate to them this holiday season.

Thank you.


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