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I recently took to Twitter to ask what nonprofit I should write about. Kate Atwood suggested we feature beremedy.

Never having heard of it, I went to their Indiegogo page to learn more. This group started with a simple idea:

We have the resources in every community to meet the needs of that community.

It’s really that simple

beremedy logo for write up by Fundraising Coach Marc A. Pitman for Social Media Exlporer's #GivingTuesday seriesIn his TEDx talk, founder Blake Canterbury wanted to help other people. They just didn’t know how. So he started using the power of social networking to get it done.

  • beremedy gets requests from credible nonprofits. These nonprofits are already on the ground doing great work in the community, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.
  • beremedy passes it on to people in that community. Currently they’re doing it on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Followers either help or pass the request on to people they think can help.

What a refreshingly cool way to use technology!

Scaling the technology

This idea has been working for the last couple years in the big city of Atlanta and in the smaller city of Bend, Oregon. Whether it was helping people get diapers after the Atlanta flood in 2010 or helping a single mom replace and restock her fridge or helping homeless people stay warm in the winter, beremedy is connecting people’s generosity with tangible needs in their community.

Ever since they started, people have asked them to go nationwide. Now beremedy’s ready.

Check out the beremedy Indiegogo campaign. They are raising $30,000 to invest in the technology to let this practical, tangible help spread across the country.

Even $10 will help them spread this idea to other cities! You can give at: Hurry, time on the campaign is almost up!

For more, check out this video from the beremedy Indiegogo page:

BeRemedy – IndieGogo Campaign from Kyle Tekiela on Vimeo.

BeRemedy – IndieGogo Campaign from Kyle Tekiela on Vimeo.


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