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Charitybuzz –  #GivingTuesday
Charitybuzz – #GivingTuesday

We all know that celebrities give back all the time. They donate money, but also their time or access to special events and happenings to help raise money for the causes they believe in.

This morning on Twitter was the first time I had ever heard of Charitybuzz and thus I wanted to share it with all of you. This was the tweet that got my attention.

I mainly clicked because I was curious to see what her costume was going to be, but once that was revealed I decided to spend some time on the site seeing what else they had going on.


At Charitybuzz their philosophy is simple:

“We give our community of bidders exclusive opportunities to live their dreams and make a difference through incredible online charity auctions.”

Right now they have everything from training with a Navy Seal team, to being a character in a James Patterson novel and even a signed iMac covered in A-List autographs.

With the holidays just around the corner there are infinite gifting opportunities here, but be warned that most are not cheap, but think of the possibilities! Plus, if you question how great the experiences really are, one read of their testimonials will set you straight.

Charities, perhaps you should connect with Charitybuzz to make some magic happen.

If anyone reading this has used them before in any capacity, we’d love to hear your story.

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