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Good Misfit – An Experiment in Social Giving
Good Misfit – An Experiment in Social Giving

Today I want to shine a light on something a bit different and that is the recent social giving experiment known as Good Misfit.

Now, if you are not familiar with the inspiring work that AJ & Melissa Leon do through all the arms of Misfit Inc. you are missing out. They are dear friends and a daily inspiration to myself and thousands of other misfits around the globe.

A few weeks back they announced this new project. Watch this video to hear AJ explain how it all came about.

His friend was helping Gambella village in Kenya complete its five-year journey towards sustainability and they were coming up $15,000 short to build their windmill.

The windmill will help irrigate the crops of five hundred families all year round, thereby providing them with the ability to eat fresh produce every day and sell the excess in the local markets, eliminating any need for aid. This will serve as an empowering graduation present for a village that is in the final stages of GHNI’s rigorous Transformational Community Development program.

But, instead of just running your standard fundraising campaign, AJ and team wanted to do something different.

They sent out the call that they wanted to find thirty different people who had a specific idea on how they could raise $500 towards the goal. They had to submit their ideas and be chosen in order to take part in this.

What I love is the variety of the ideas that the chosen misfits came up with to raise their part of the windmill. Everything from local events, parties and several businesses donating pieces of their profits. The variety of ideas from around the globe showcase how a simple idea can grow into something amazing.

I’m happy to report that they not only reached their goal, but exceeded it. YOU can still donate directly to the project and every dollar helps.

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