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Right now, Syria is in the news for obvious reasons. The ongoing battle in that country and the possible escalation involving our country and others has a lot of people talking. With all this discussion going on, I wanted to take a moment this week with my column to shine a light on a part of this story that hasn’t been getting enough attention and that is the millions of refugees that have been created by this conflict and many of them are children.

According to UN data, there are currently 4.25 million people internally displaced and 2 million refugees abroad. Of these totals, 3.1 million, are children.


Multiple organizations including UNICEF and the UN Refugee Agency are doing all that they can to help them all and make sure that the governments of the world do not forget them.

No matter how you feel about the conflict or what may come, we shouldn’t forget about these families in need.

Take a moment to visit the #ChildrenofSyria microsite that has been established to learn more and find out how you can help.

Donations of all sizes help and using your voice to share this with others is greatly appreciated.

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