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Many hearing the word “abolition” think of a movement a century or two ago that led to making the trans-Atlantic slave trade illegal. So it can be confusing hear a person use that term about a nonprofit today. Unfortunately, slavery still exists. There are an estimated 21 million enslaved today in sex trafficking and slave labor.

Why are you doing this?

Love 146 on SocialMediaExplorer's #GivingTuesdayIn 2002, a small group of people were on a trip in Southeast Asia to figure out how they could help fight child sex trafficking. A few years later, when the Brains on Fire team asked them, “Why are you doing this?” one of those guys, Rob Morris told them a story about being on that first trip and seeing a girl trapped in a brothel looking at them with defiance in her eyes. Pinned to her dress was the number 146.

Because their trip was gathering evidence to bring the brothel to court, they couldn’t rescue her. When the brothel was raided later, she was no longer there.

They now fight to make sure no other kids are lost.

Holistic approach

Now they do everything from teaching kids to avoid exploitation and the tricks of pimps and traffickers to helping survivors journey back to normalcy. They also have programs and resources to empower a grassroots movement against slavery.

Love protects. Love defends. Love restores. Love empowers.

Will you join them? Your monthly or one-time gift to Love146 will help rescue and protect kids all over the world. It’s easy to do on Love146’s Donation Page. (I love Love146’s transparency. They make it really easy to see their financials right on their site.

You could also support their work by visiting their Take Action page. There they help equip you to host events, share the story, or even fundraise through things like giving up your birthday or giving up shaving for a year. (Really!) Check it out at:

Learn more

To learn more about modern-day slavery, go to

In the video below, Love146‘s Rob Morris shares the story of the girl with the number 146:

Love146 History from Love146 on Vimeo.


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