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This past weekend I had the honor to spend several days in Washington, D.C. with The UN Foundation as part of their Social Good Fellowship.

We received briefings from a variety of individuals and organizations and one of them was from Josh Nesbit, CEO of Medic Mobile.

Medic Mobile uses communication technologies to improve the health of under-served and disconnected communities. They see communication gaps through the eyes of community-based health workers and patients, guiding our partners towards low-cost technologies and efficient health services.

Listening to Josh explain the variety of technology they use is what grabbed my attention. They support a strong maker culture and are always looking for new DIY and open source technology solutions that they can use to help on the ground around the world.

But, today I wanted to shine a light on them because in addition to the standard money donation that they’d love for you to make, they have a different donation they are looking for as well.

Hope Phones, is an campaign of Medic Mobile, through which they collect old mobile phones of all varieties.

They don’t recycle them, but rather sell them and use the funds to purchase appropriate phones for use in the field around the globe. The phones we use are not always the best option and by donating them they don’t just sit in a drawer, but go to raise funds for a great cause.

All you need to do to donate a phone is print a free shipping label and put it in the mail.

Even more inspired? Consider setting up a collection drive in your community for an even bigger impact!

Watch this recent news coverage that tells the story of Josh and Medic Mobile in great detail.

I hope this story inspires each of you who reads it. Josh saw a need and did something to try and fix it. More of us need to act on moments of inspiration to change the world for the better.


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