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New All-In-One Emergency App Rescuer Saves Lives
New All-In-One Emergency App Rescuer Saves Lives

Have you ever felt unsafe on your way back home? Ever wanted to let your family members know you’re uneasy without anyone around you noticing? Ever wished you could contact the police without even touching your phone?

There’s a new app on the market that can do just that. It’s called Rescuer, and the all-in-one emergency assistant boasts four unique features that can save lives. Rescuer makes it easy for you to feel safe and connected no
matter where you are — without even having to touch your phone.

The app uses cutting edge technology, like voice recognition, to make you feel safer than ever before. The best part is, it runs in the background and can be activated any time there is an emergency. Rescuer has four life-saving features:

1. Voice recognition: Say your customized key phrase, and Rescuer will hear it, even your phone is locked away in another room. Rescuer then immediately sends out emergency messages with your GPS coordinates and
pictures of the crime scene to your pre-set emergency contacts.

Imagine! You’re having a heart attack, but your phone is all the way on the other side of your house. You need to call help fast, and you’re running out of time! Just yell out your voice recognition key phrase, and Rescuer will automatically call for help. Depending on the phone, the voice recognition works up to 50 feet away!

2. Volume button toggle: Silently call for help by pressing your phone’s volume buttons to send emergency messages to your contacts. Rescuer will send them your coordinates and photos of the emergency without you having
to utter a word.

3. Remote Location Tracking: Allow your worried loved ones to send a quick text to Rescuer to find out your location and safety status — no more forgetting to let your friends know you got home safe. Rescuer does the job for you!

This feature is great if you’re a parent, because you can track your kids just by texting them a message! All you have to do is create a “secret code in the app. This can be anything, from “raspberry” to “8f4s#78”. Whenever you text your kid the secret code (assuming you’ve set yourself up as a qualified contact on their phone), their device will automatically respond with its location. Teenagers never seem to like picking up the phone (I wonder why!), but this is the perfect solution. Just text them the “secret code” and you’ll immediately be notified with their location.


4. Quick access help widget: Already have your phone open? Just press the giant red help button on your home screen and emergency messages and pictures of the crime scene will be sent in no time.

Just For SME Readers:

Here’s the best part: The app creators are gifting the first 200 users that use the promo code “SME” in the Rescuer app the premium version (a $9.99 value), for 100% free, in order to democratize public safety and spread the word of the new lifesaving technology. If you have family or friends with Android phones, sharing the app to them might help them out in the near future as well!

Hopefully, you’ll never have to need to use Rescuer. But, if you’re ever in an emergency, the innovative app has your back.


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