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While doing some fundraising training in Philadelphia last week, I was introduced to an incredibly cool program called Spark.

Spark was founded by a 7th grade science teacher who wanted his students to see why school mattered. The premise is really simple: place 7th and 8th grade students in apprenticeships with people in their community. They’ve placed students in apprenticeships with all sorts of professionals: fire fighters, chefs, pilots, artists, and tech folks.

The results speak for themselves

Spark Program Logo for Social Media Examiner's #GivingTuesday featured charitySpark has grown to serve in students in at-risk neighborhoods in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia. And the results have been phenomenal. Despite very high high-school drop out rates with their peers, 98% of Spark alumni stay in school.

All it takes is a caring adult and the experience of a real job to help students see why school matters.

Three ways you can help

There are three easy ways you can help a Spark program in your community:

  1. Make a donation

    Spark says $1,000 makes an apprenticeship possible. You can give any amount toward that at:

  2. Become a mentor

    Your work can inspire a kid to stay in school. Spark lets you apply to be a mentor at

  3. Become a corporate partner

    There are lots of ways your company can support Spark including hosting students, matching employee gifts, and more. See them all at:

    Learn more

    To learn more about how the Spark Program is helping students go to their website www.sparkprogram.orgor watch their brief video on the Spark: Creating Real-World Opportunities for Youth with Apprenticeships:


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