Tiny Hands International - #GivingTuesday
Tiny Hands International – #GivingTuesday
Tiny Hands International – #GivingTuesday

I first became aware of Tiny Hands International when my friends Kristin & Mike Sukraw of Reliant Studios produced a movie called “Trafficked”. I was impressed with Tiny Hands’ approach to fighting human trafficking. And I’ve been impressed by Tiny Hands’ stewardship of donations.

Impact and Efficiency

Tiny-Hands-International-Logo for Social Media Explorer's #GivingTuesdayIn my fundraising trainings, I see thousands of nonprofits struggling to hit the right balance between having impact and being frugal. This is never an easy dance. Sometimes you simply need to make a large investment, and risk looking less frugal, to have a longer-term impact.

Tiny Hands International seems to dance the dance with agility. They appear to be building a nonprofit that can scale well. Originally started to fight human trafficking in Nepal, they’ve since expanded into India and Bangladesh.

Tiny Hands runs multiple children’s homes and is building a multi-faceted Dream Center that will, in part, educate both indigenous children as well as have a rigorously academic “School of Injustice” to educate college students on the roots of injustice and what has, and hasn’t, worked in fighting it.

Get Involved Today

Apala, a child protected by Tiny Hands International in Nepal for Social Media Explorer's #GivingTuesday

You can help keep kids out of trafficking by making a donation to Tiny Hands International on their donate page. And you can check out their Freedom Store, featuring products made by women in their restoration homes and other products designed to raise awareness about the reality of trafficking.

Or, for just $10, you can join the One Girl Prayer Initiative. You’ll receive a handcrafted bracelet that you can wear to remind you to pray for the release of the more than 10,000 Nepali girls trafficked into sex slavery each year. Girls as young as six.

To learn more about Tiny Hands International, watch their video called “Trafficked”.

Tiny Hands International // “Trafficked”

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