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VisionQuest 20/20 – #GivingTuesday
VisionQuest 20/20 – #GivingTuesday

When I asked my online community what nonprofits I should feature in these #GivingTuesday posts, Allison Rapping recommended VisionQuest 20/20. And I can see why!

(See what I did there?)

Started 10 years ago, VisionQuest 20/20 is best known for it’s making eye exams available for all school age children in the USA. I personally know the need. My wife and I had no idea our first child had vision problems until we took him for an eye exam when he was 6 or 7. It turns out that he needed strong glasses!

Making sure kids can see

VisionQuest 20/20 for Social Media Explorer's #GivingTuesday

Misdiagnosed vision problems can lead to behavior and learning issues. According to the VisionQuest 20/20 site, 1 in 4 school aged children have undetected and untreated vision disorders! They claim this leads to societal costs of more than $50 billion!

Creatively using tech

A cool aspect of VisionQuest 20/20 is their use of technology to make these exams incredibly affordable and fun! Their innovative EyeSpy 20/20 video game allows kids to “play” while detecting vision problems.

This test is completely scalable (unlike the traditional letters projected on a wall test) and is sophisticated enough to test each eye individually! You can read more at:

Like my son, if vision problems are discovered early enough, they can be corrected. Some of the benefits are increased grades, increased self esteem, and being able to fully participate in sports.

All from corrected vision!

Make a gift today

Your donation to VisionQuest 20/20 helps make vision screenings available for free. You can sponsor tests, with a little banner that will also be printed out and sent home on the test results. Or you can just donate to make these tests open to more kids.

To learn more, listen to the founders talk about VisionQuest 20/20:


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