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As a father, whenever I see children hurting it hits me in my soul. That is why five years ago when I first learned about the amazing work that Wediko was doing they got my attention. Next thing I knew I was joining their Board of Directors and now know first hand how passionate of an organization they are. You might not know, but May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and this week is dedicated towards raising awareness for mental health issues in children. You might also not know that 15 million American children have a diagnosable psychiatric or learning disorder? What is even scarier to me is that less than half of them will ever get the help that they need.

What better time to share the message about Wediko and all that they do? Wediko responds to the needs of children who face repeated obstacles to development due to social, emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges. They partner with children, families, schools, and the community to offer a continuum of flexible and multidisciplinary programs. Not only do they have The Wediko School and home based solutions, but they also have a summer program at their beautiful camp in the woods of New Hampshire. They’ve been doing all of this and more since their formation in 1934. Last year the day after I returned from a trip to Ghana, I took part in their first ever stair climb fund raiser. We raised over $18,000 and it has now become an annual tradition.

I’ve first hand seen the transformation in the children from around the country that take part in their programs. It is dramatic and heart warming to see. Don’t just take my word for it. Read and view some of their success stories to fully appreciate the mental health issues that children are facing today and how Wediko helps them. Right now Wediko is gearing up for their annual Century Ride where cyclists of all skill levels can raise money while riding from their New Hampshire campus to their downtown Boston offices. They also have a Boston Marathon teamthat runs to raise funds.

Donations are always appreciated, but as with any organization like this, they also love you taking the time to raise awareness for them and their work. You can find them on Twitter, FacebookYouTube and read their blog. contains photos, stories and more details about everything they stand for. Please take a moment to share this post with others and if you know a child in need, consider letting their family know about it as well.

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