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West, Texas – #GivingTuesday
West, Texas – #GivingTuesday

We human beings are pretty amazing. We love “new” and “sensational.” And we love to help. In the USA, that pursuit leads to raising over $39 million for the victims of the bombing at the Boston Marathon and millions more for the horrific disasters caused by the tornadoes in Oklahoma and elsewhere.

But it also means that we often “miss” disasters once the news cycle rolls on. Disasters like the one in West, a town in Texas. On April 17, a fertilizer plant explosion damaged a 37-block area of the town, leaving 15 dead, over 200 injured, and destroying hundreds of homes. Image for West Long-Term Recovery an appeal for #GivingTuesday on SocialMediaExplorer.com

So far, about $1.3 million has been raised. The estimated damage costs top $200 million.

In a recent newspaper article, Karen Bernsen, the interim executive director of the West Long-Term Recovery Committee said:

“They want to come back to what they know. They want to come back to church on Sunday, lunch at the community center, coffee at the bakery. It’s just going to take some time to get back to what they know.”

Will you help them get back to what they know?

Make a donation today

Donations for West’s Long-Term Recovery are being handled through the Waco Foundation at their donation page here: Donate to West’s Recovery.

To learn more about the recovery and what you can do to help, visit the West Long-Term Recovery Committee website or check out their page on Facebook.

Here’s a slideshow of images related to the explosion shared by a local news station:


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