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Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY Shares How to Create Relatable Yet Professional Photos For Your Instagram Feed
Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY Shares How to Create Relatable Yet Professional Photos For Your Instagram Feed

Social media platforms have changed almost every aspect of our lives in the 21st-century with the rise of Instagram making images important. The use of images is a part of building a brand that Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY photographer believes should not be underestimated. The use of hashtags and captions is important, but Daniel Doyle believes a post can only be successful if you have the correct image uploaded. Instagram can be confusing for a novice user with their options, including video, photos, stories, and more, changing the way you look at social media use.

Choose the Right Image

How much time do you spend looking at the images you choose to place on Instagram to choose the correct one? Social media accounts with millions of followers have a specific image or theme that is used by the user to make their account instantly recognizable. HootSuite reports the latest mobile devices to use high-quality cameras capable of capturing a professional-looking image for your Instagram feed. When you are looking to develop your Instagram presence, you can use stock images that can improve the quality of your online presence in a quick time.

Use Editing Tools

Instagram is a user-friendly platform, with many filters available for you to use that give you the chance to make every image look more professional. You should look to develop your skills with the filters provided by Instagram when you start your journey into building your Instagram presence. The easy to use filters provided by Instagram should be your starting point to be followed by exploring external apps capable of adding even more filters and editing tools. By developing your signature style of images, you will be able to find impressive options for your images and make editing as simple as possible.

Explore the Apps from Instagram

The 2012 purchase of Instagram by Facebook brought many apps to the attention of developers at the social media platform. Dedicated Instagram users have the option of exploring several apps owned by and linked to the Instagram platform, according to The Guardian. Switching up your Instagram account to add movement to your images is a good idea and can be completed with the use of apps, such as Boomerang and Hyperlapse. These apps give you the chance to produce a looped group of images or a time-lapse that will provide interest for your images.

Remain Relatable

Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY photographer believes a mistake many Instagram users make is not remaining rooted in everyday life. A relatable post that keeps your brand human and believable can add followers and views to your account. Relatable content helps to create a connection between your brand and your followers who feel they can attain a lifestyle or image that is close to that you portray on the platform.

Create Content Regularly

There are many ways to build followers on the Instagram platform, but you should make sure only high-quality content is available to your followers. Posting regularly is one of the keys for Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY photographer to developing your Instagram feed in a relatable and professional way. Among the tips from Doyle is the need to post to Instagram, at least every two days. Once you have decided to post an image to Instagram, you should decide on the time you want to post your images. The majority of your followers will be online during the mornings and late afternoon following school or work. These are usually seen as the best times of the day to post to your account to increase your visibility.

Take the Time to Edit Multiple Images

You could say this tip means not to be lazy when you are about to post multiple images to your account. You should ensure you spent the time to edit every aspect of your images to make sure your followers only receive the best quality images. Multiple images can be time-consuming to edit, but you should spend your time editing every image until you are completely satisfied with your post. Even if you are only looking to use the editing tools from Instagram, you can load your images to the platform and individually edit them. If you change your mind about the use of an image, you should save the image as a draft for future use so you do not lose all the editing work you have completed.

Stories add Interest

If you are short on time and want to develop your skills as a brand influencer using the Instagram platform, you will want to use every aspect of the social media platform. By using your stories, you can upload images that are more relatable and not as polished. The stories tool on the platform is one that you can use without as much time spent on editing because your post will disappear soon after it is uploaded.

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